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Day 5


Hi all..

Well I have reached day 5...and I have to say I feel rather proud of and hubby was out at 8.00 this morning walking the dog...and it was lovley...not once did I feel out of puff...cant believe the differance in such a short space of time...made me more determined,, to get off this weed...

Will post later to let you know how my day has gone...hope your all, doing ok...


smoked..25 to 30 a day...for 36 yrs

quit day...16..02..10

lozengers...will power...and this forum...which is amazing...

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Nice one, Lindylou.

Soon you'll hit the milestone of 1 whole week smoke free. It sounds so little but to us ex-smokers it's an incredible feat. Especially after 36 years of smoking...:cool:

Keep on keepin' on,


Hi LindyLou,

Congrats on day 5 and congrats on the feeling of Pride you have.

And do you know what?.....You deserve it !!! :)

You have another weapon in your arsenal to beat Cigarettes time you get a crave...think back to this morning and how great you felt getting a good lung full of fresh air and your feeling of well being!

That you can enjoy life without cigarettes and life is actually better without cigarettes!

Sounds like your in great spirits and I hope the rest of your day is as enjoyable as your morning!!!


Lindylou, that was awesome, brought a tear to my eye - but a happy one. Posts like that make me all the more determined to get rid of this idiot nicodemon once and for all.


Thanks everyone...

Hope ur all doin

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