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day 7 a whole week


im on day 7 and what a good feeling getting that first week over with and i am still in the right frame of mind and ready to bring on the next week i hope i can carry on like this. it wont be long and i will be able to say its been a whole month it will fly by i am so glad i made the decision to quit and i am going to stay quit free i feel so much better in myself my breathing for a start i can taste things now the first time in years and most of all my purse is so much for the better. which i dont know is a good thing my kids think it should go to them em m m i dont think so kids its mine saving for me new tv .

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Thats brilliant, well done...I am really pleased for you....I am on day 4 at the mo and struggling...but I am determined, to make it...

Keep up the good

Well done Lynnie! Fingers crossed you'll remain relaxed so you can just get on and enjoy your quit

well done Lynnie stay positiive :)

Hi Lynnie :D

1 whole week out of the way that's great

I'm so pleased that already you're feeling the benefits of quitting

Keep going hun you're on your way to freedom

Love and a Hug

Marg xx

Good on ye!

Keep going now, and keep chalking these days and weeks up.

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