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No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Hello everyone...

OMG...what a day...was really hoping it would be better...but its worse...my chest feels so tight, I feel very lightheaded...and the craving is awful...

I am on a new medication at the mo...so to be fair, I dont know if its this making me feel this way or quitting the fags....

I am trying to be carefull with what I eat...but last night downed 3 cornetto's in one go...I know its greedy...but was like something crazed...

This morning, started ok...did not start craving till about 10.30 ish....but its been non stop...and the lozengers dont seem to be helping, even though I am on the highest dose...

Sorry for rambling....

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sorry to hear ur feeling so rubbish with your quit, But try think positively! it can only get better!!

Many people turn to food to avoid smoking but dont stress too much about it, you can always lose the pounds once you've got the smoking under control! plus wouldnt you rather be carrying an extra couple of pounds than be a smoker? I know which one id prefer!

Hope things start to look brighter for you soon. You're doing so fantastically so far!

-Jade xxx


Hi Lindy,

Sorry to hear you are having another rough day. Have you tried patches before? Sounds like the lozenges maybe aren't working for you. At least with the patch you get a more or less steady dose of therapeutic nicotine.

Try not to worry too much about what you're eating, tackle one thing at a time! I'm drinking gallons of tea which for some reason seems to help me.

I've just been trying to distract myself as much as possible when the cravings hit. I've had them pretty thick and fast today too, but some hard sweets have helped a little....and lollipops!

Try a cold glass of water, do the crossword, go for a wee walk, sort the laundry, anything to distract your mind a bit.

You will get there, and it will get better eventually. Come on, Day 5 for both of us tomorrow!:D

Jenni xx


Hi jenni...

Wot a day lol...this afternoon has been better...and have drunk lots of water...I cant have the patches, as I am allergic to the sticky stuff...cant even wear plasters...

Feel a bit better now...looking forward to a new day tomorrow...xx


Hi Lindy,

Glad you're feeling better! Have you tried visualising your wee demon?! Honestly, I put a face to mine and he looks like a smaller version of Jaba the Hut, but slimier lol!:D He didn't seem quite so tough after that!

Hope you have a good night:)

Jenni xx


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