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not smoking

Hi everyone

Just thought I would share this with you parents are both in their 70's...

my dad was a heavy smoker, then in 1993, he decided to stop after numerous attempts...he took it a day at a time, and now in 2010, he has not touched another fag...

My mom, also had smoked for over 50 day she woke up and decided to stop...she went to the no smoking clinic and decided to have the lozengers...she picked her date to quit...took a lozenger and hated the taste...she never had another one...and went cold turkey....she had not touched a fag for 8 yrs now....

I am so proud of them and so gratefull that I still have them both with me....I do wonder if they had not stopped when the did if they would still be with me now...and they did have their bad days...

I know this is nothing to do with you or me stopping...but just wanted to share it with you all....and hopefully it has given people more hope...

smoked for 36yrs

quit date..17 02 2010

lozengers...will power...and this forum

hopefully I will never smoke again

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Thanks for that Lindy. you never too old to stop, my grandad quit at 80 on advice from the quack, he went on to 91 bless him.

Good to see your staying positive, like your dad just take it day at a time.

Keep it up


well if you've got their genes inside you i see no reason why you cant follow suit!! lol <3


Thats brill...hope I still got my parents when they are in their 90's...I am on day 3 now...and I am finding that even though I have had a loz this morning, I am still craving a little...hopefully it will go soon...


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