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No Smoking Day
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fed up with the fight

hi all,I haven't written for a few days.My son,wife and 3 children(all under 4) came to stay for the weekend. They arrived at 11pm but by 12pm my son had been admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack!!! He was discharged the following afternoon. It wasn't a heart but it appears to be angina. He's only 38! All I wanted to do was smoke. I didn't but can't get rid of the cravings,I feel tired fighting the same old battle.


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Hi Marie :D

I'm so sorry about your spoiled weekend with your family and am pleased to hear it wasn't a heart attack your son had I know angina is bad enough at that age but many people live a long and happy life despite this problem Promise

My Dad had this condition for many years and for most of the times he was fine although he had tablets to put under his tongue when he needed them he lived a happy life with the problem I hope this helps you to feel more optimistic about it

I understand that you wanted to reach for the fags it's what we all did automatically when ever something upset us but I promise it wouldn't have made anything better

I'm sorry the craves are bad just now though but I see you're in month 3 and this could be part of the reason they're bad right now some people do have problems in month three it's the terrible threes syndrome thing this will pass though hun

Just hang on in there get through each day do whatever it takes to get through the days one at a time just as you did before and then it really does get so much easier for you

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


all my thoughts are with you... keep cool,

the hotter the battle , the sweeter the victory.



The fight is an ongoing one but thankfully does become easier as the months go by. Always believe in better, good times are ahead.


Sorry to hear you had such a upsetting time. Congratulations to you that you did not smoke, well done, be very proud of yourself.



I am sorry your son had a health scare. It's good you didn't smoke, it really wouldn't have helped. I find that drinking water or taking deep breaths really help when I get cravings. Keep fighting - it really is worth it.


Thanks everyone for all your messages of support, I filled up when I read them, (they caught me off guard) ,I've kept busy all week trying not to think too much. Once again many thanks.

Marie x


Glad to hear you've bucked up a little.

TBH, you're so far along the quit road right now that having a fag wouldn't even satisify the addicition, cos you aren't anymore. Think you want a fag and to finally stop fighting because in many ways having such a horrendous time of it - is classic relapse justification, if you were to give in. Remembering in the past when we all were addicted whenever anything went wrong our primary concern was to have a fag and then think about solving the situation, this wasn't because the fag helped but because the stress meant that our drug addled minds recognised that nicotine levels were low so demanded that the nicotine levels were restored before even letting us think about sorting the cause of the stress. Thus we now associate having a fag with resloving the situation - it never did, we did that after we'd sorted the nicotine withdrawal of course but it was an established pattern of behaviour that you've spent the last few months rewriting.

Well done you for not giving in to the nicodemon.


well done not smoking, bloody hard isnt it.....but you did well

keep going cos u know smoking wont make the situation better




Well done for staing off the weed....hope all is well with you and your son..and he is ok now..xxx


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