No Smoking Day

AAARRGGG!! Feeling ill!

My first post, my second quit.

I had my last ciggie last Friday, the 16th, at 03:45. I have been using NRT gum, though trying to have just 3 or 4 a day. I have been struggling to sleep, been feeling very spacey and disconnected, grumpy, and as of last night nauseous. While I am determined not to have a ciggie, I am feeling dreadful. My job is quite demanding (and shifts too!), so I am struggling to focus and what with feeling very unwell am just so p****d off!

I really dont remember feeling this rough on my last quit.....Please tell me I dont have to put up with this much longer!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Thank you for reading, wish me luck!!!

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So you are now on your 5th day - bad day - my 5th day nearly drove me round the wall but THEN suddenly it starts to get better on the 6th and even better on the 7th and so on and here I am at the 11th day and feeling good. You will too - be strong and good luck - you can do it.


Day 5 (yesterday) was my worst day by far, keep going WannaBe.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It really does help to hear what you guys said.....Looking forward to tomorrow now...



The first week is the worse and you have almost done that Im sure things will start to improve very soon. Please stick with it you have done the worse bit. xxxxx


Hi Hun

Warm welcome back, i have to agree with what biddy has said my 5th day was horrendous to but you will be pleased to know that it got a lot easier after then for me.

Stay strong hun as you can do it. If you feel like the craving is getting to you come and post on here, plenty of encouragement and support to keep you going.




Welcome WannaBeFree

I agree the first week is the worst and you are nearly there please don't give up now You will get all the help and encouragement you need here we all help each other and we all have the same goal after all :D


Hello there,

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it, I have heard from many a place other than here that the first week is the real tough part. Push through the wall here and you should be feeling better soon!

Whenever you get a spare minute in the day, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Keep telling yourself 'I can do this.... I can do this... I WILL do this'. I find it helps maintain focus whenever I'm feeling a bit stressed from anything.

And it's true.... YOU CAN DO IT. Remember to STAY STRONG. All the best


I'm with ya! Had a bitch of an evening myself - I'll do you a deal, if you stick with it I will too!



Hi All, thanks so much for your support! Despite waking up at 5.30am I am feeling better today, much more human, just as you guys said I would. These pesky cravings would be easier to deal with after a decent sleep! What a vicious circle. But I keep saying 'I don't smoke', just gotta stop following smokers down the street!


Just think 2morrow the week will be over and your on week 2. Glad your feeling better today Funny when you have a bad day its hard to think you are ever going to have a good one isnt it. Im sure your over the worse now. Well done.xxxxxxxxx


just gotta stop following smokers down the street!

Sooner or later you're going to hate the smell, give the smokers funny looks, and cross the street! Stay strong DubBeeEff!


I can't wait for that to happen! I'm loving how nice my flat smells, it seems so much cleaner somehow!

And at the moment, despite waking up so early, I feel more energetic and even dare I say it, cheerful.


Sooner or later you're going to hate the smell, give the smokers funny looks, and cross the street! Stay strong DubBeeEff!

Nail - Head - Hit! I saw some old guy sucking on the last of his rolly and thought - disgusting!


Welcome to the forum

lots of chewing gum and midget gems!!

Ahh midget gems, I know at least one person here who swears by them, as a quit aid, ahey Austin ????

My tips are to read and educate yourself about nicotine addiction and what to expect while quitting (links in my sig) and not to regard quitting as sacrificing a great pleasure but rather as regaining control, health and wealth.

Best wishes



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