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13 and half weeks

Just checking in, I quit on 16th Nov, and still of them. My wife agreed that after 3 months I could treat myself to a games console, So I got myself an xbox at the weekend:D(yes we're all big kids at heart lol).

I used the mini lozenges and stopped using them after 6 weeks & am now cold turkey. I get around 3-4 slight urges a day and maybe 1 or 2 in a week when I get a strong urge.

Just wandering from a long term quitter how the urges pan out? do you still get them, do they get easier etc etc.

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Hi Maidenfan - great to see you on here. Congratulations on your 3 calendar months yesterday and hope you're enjoying that X Box

Can't help you much on the cravings, as I still get them, and they seem to have got worse in the past month. Not unbearable, just worse than they were. I'm sure it will go away at some point.:confused:



Hi There,

Dont know if the helps or not but i quit on 9th Nov, and then quit patches on 12/13ish December soooo have been CT i guess for just over 2 Calendar Months....

I find that the cravings are now minimal, other than the occasional trigger, after a meal when we've had friends round and everyones smoking apart from me the ole non stinky sore thumb..... I'd say that the longer you are CT the better it will quickly get.... as a lass i find now that pmt is a trigger.... hopefully you'll not get that LOL! :D

Keep on, keeping on, there may be a few peaks and troughs on your rollercoaster runway to encounter, but you've definately got the worst behind you!!!

Well done on that post 3 months... and enjoy that XBox!!!! whoop de whoop!!! x


hope you got xbox live fully running and kicking the backside of all them young-uns :)

nice purchase.. good to have something paid for out of the money you would have set fire to.


Hi Maidenfan :D

Well done you 13 1/2 weeks smoke free is great Big Hug

Glad you're finding it easier now as well

Long term the craves will go I don't remember the last time I had a proper crave but must ahve been around the 6 month mark and then only a mild one


marg xx



Cant claim to be a long term quitter yet but am getting there..

The last week have made a difference and it does seem to be slightly easier...not craving at all...BUT others at my stage are still suffering and my OH is going trough hell poor love.

Just take it easy and it will get easier BUT it is the realsiation that we are addicts and can never take the quit for granted...we will always have to be on our guard.

Good luck, stay strong and enjoy the xbox......


Well done with your quit you are doing great.

In answer to your question - I stopped 14 months ago and no craves for about 8 months and they were only slight and seldom then. I smoked for 40 years, a memory still slips in but that's to be expected we were around them for a long time but nothing to worry about.



Well done and congrats to you for getting to Month four with your quit :)

I'm only one month ahead of you and have some days crave free and then others with craves of varying intensity. I'm sure if it were graphed it would show a steady but slow improvement over blocks of days.

Keep with it and have fun playing the XBox


Cheers all, and I forgot to mention how nice it is waking up and not wheezing & coughing:D

Keep on rocking, now to sort that xbox live out


i don't think i will be able to convince siobhan about an Xbox. the smoking jar is a communal one one and will have to be spent on us too. but i am green with envy...

good luck


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