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day four

Well I have managed to get to day four again,

But I am losing my resolve.

My willpower seems to be gone,

Its been nearly a month since I started quitting

This is my third day four

My arms are sore where the patches have been

I am in a moaning, feeling sorry for myself mood

I know if I had a ciggy in my hand I would smoke it.(I havnt got one)

Just plodding on to day five.


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Hi Bill well done on day four, I think you hit the nail on the head about plodding on- there is an element of this to my quit at least ! Hang on in there just treat it one day at a time

Louise xx


Hi Bill,

Have you tried putting patches on your stomach? I find them a lot less irritating if they're not on my arms.

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit low, but don't give up. It can all feel a bit 'Groundhog Day'. I know you have struggled with this like I have, but I've just given myself the best Valentine's day present ever and decided I've had enough of the stupidity. I'll call tomorrow official Day 1(also my 4th Day 1) but I have a patch on and I've smoked my last cigarette.

What changed it for me was seeing my sister-in-law last night who ironically I inspired to quit. She's still quit and in her 3rd week and looking absolutely fantastic. Just this amazing healthy glow about her and she definitely doesn't look like she's 'missing' anything.

Keep fighting Bill, you are bigger than this:)

Hugs from me,

Jenni :)


Yeah, for sure just keep plodding on as duckling also says. We've all just had to roll up the sleeves and get on with the issue at hand - namely, quitting.

You mentioned that your arms are sore from where the patches have been. Why not try some other part of your body? After all it's just skin the patches need to be attached to...not specifically arms.

Just noticed that yournamehere has also suggested another place other than your arms. TBH, the bodies the limit...well most part of the body :)

Keep on this road, Bill, and you will be really pleased with yourself for final beating this beach of an insidious habit.



Chin Up

Hi bill,

Just wanted to say well done on getting to day 4. I know exactly what u mean about losing the willpower. The momentum just goes after the first couple of days. So now is the time to be really strong and keep reinforcing your reasons for quitting. As I've said before, the allan carr advice "never doubt your decision to quit" is useful when the urge to smoke arrives.

Its so easy to lose sight of the goal and ruin it in an instant of weakness.

It is tiring and tedious being strong all the time and sometimes it seems too much hassle. But keep going, it will be worth it. I know I would have smoked last night if I had not been in the pub with 2 non-smokers. It crossed my mind several times that it was so weird drinking and not smoking. It felt like something was missing!!! Really risky going to the pub. I am on day 7 and I realise that the pub has got to be a no-no until at least .....forever!!

I am rarely out with non-smokers so it was lucky that I was, but pathetic to know for sure I would have smoked if smokers had been there. I feel ashamed of that, but at least my limitations are clear. NO alcohol!!!!

God, how exciting my life will be. But needs must and i am determined to quit.

I feel so much better today as I only have mild hangover and no smoking hangover. I am continually thinking of all the positives and fighting off all the negatives. Cos there is nothing negative to be said about giving up the fags. It's all good. Even if it can be agonising. there is a beauty to be found amidst all the pain. Something pure, the triumph of the human spirit etc. Sorry, I am off on one.

So Bill, just keep going and dont ever doubt your decision to quit!!!! Plodders get there in the end. Remember the hare and the tortoise fable!?

Hope it gets easier for you. you're not alone!!!




Hi Bill,

I know you are p'd off at being at this stage again but regardless of how many attempts, you will get there! I know you will cos you keep getting back on the horse. You have the determination!

Just stay away from anywhere cigarettes are or people are smoking while you are feeling like this. I did what Rachel said and was basically a hermit for the first two weeks. Thinking back I was basically in a huff for two weeks and just brooded :o Feeling a bit like that again tonight to be honest.......

I do hope you have a better day tomorrow hon and find your willpower again.


eta can you ask the pharmacist to try another brand of patches? I know a mate of mine was allergic to the niquitin clear ones but fine with the flesh coloured ones. Might be worth asking?


Hey Bill - I have read a few of your posts and I do feel for you because I know how hard you've been trying with your quit(s). I've reached the 5 week plus mark and I tell you what, it was HARD, really HARD, I'm not going to say it was easy (for me) because it wasn't. I dug my heels in and I REFUSED to allow myself to smoke. I wasn't just angry I was MAD at people, boiling with rage, I was depressed, I suffered anxiety, I cried (for no reason), I didn't want to see people, I felt like life wasn't actually worth living if I couldn't smoke... and I beleived my quit was worse than everyone elses and they didn't really understand how I was feeling. That last bit is rubbish because it's HARD for lots of people. Then in week 4 something clicked and it DID get easier. Much easier. So what I'm saying to you is please please please believe that you may go through sh*t for 3-4 weeks but at the end of it it will be so worth it! (and if you can ditch the patches in the process even better).

We're all here for you no matter what.

Big hug.


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