No Smoking Day
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Best Medicine is Laughter have one on ME

I find that laughing is a great healer and leveller so to post on here you have to just put a joke or a link to something funny no talk about ciggies or unhappiness just smile fodder so do your damdest and make us all laugh

heres my contribution

Yes Jack thats exatly what i meant LOL and I have decided that if you want people to look at your thread then you have to make the title something that will grab there attention like I have started smoking again and so long as its sad and diheartening it will get the most Hits what do you think

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You mean like this?



Jack may i ask why you stopped using champix? sorry if this has been discussed before...


Dont worry be happy

He stopped using champex cause after he stopped smoking the champex made him weak and he couldnt get the lid of the bottle


ahh right I didnt really take notice of jacks age..I only wondered because champix made me really disorientated for about 5 weeks but touch wood it has been the only thing that has ever worked for me and believe me I have tried everything that NRT has to offer along with the terrible cold turkey route...


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