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My one year post


Yay... one year finally.... Penthouse better be ready for me ;)

At the beginning of my quit all I could think of was ‘will I ever feel normal again’. I feel great now and I thought to share my last year with those of you who are just starting this journey and maybe wondering the same.

1st month: Hell for me. Some people quit the ‘easy way’, well not me! I was miserable, had a blip on day 12 which made things worse, struggled, and was just pitiful. I did what I could to stay sane but it was hard. Almost threw in the towel end of the month when something lifted and the intensity of my misery lessened.

Month 2: Was better and less painful but still plenty of craves. Continued to sleep badly, moody, but torture had turned into just mild depression and the occasional tantrum. Despite my moments, I started to think that maybe, just maybe I could do this.

Month 3: Read and posted on the forum like mad, always wishing I would stop thinking of smoking already. Pretty moody, desperately trying to find things to fill the void, and still sleeping poorly but started to have the occasional good day.

Month 4: NSD was a lifeline... Posted tons still in month 4, reading, supporting, and the craves started to fade. Things were not quite easy but definitely manageable. Reading and posting on the forum helped tons to reprogram my thinking. Started to be more positive and had more than just the ‘occasional’ good day.

Month 5: Thinking I’ve got a solid quit going when a big crave hits (triggered by some event)... could have easily started again but instead got back on NSD and continued to read, post, support. Overall that month there were more good than bad days.

Month 6/7: Excited about being quit, able to see what an addict I was and how much better life is not being controlled by fags, more confident, plenty of thoughts of smoking still but feeling very positive. Started exercising (a lot) and that helped, too.

Month 8: A crave hits out of nowhere (just one that month) and I finally get the ‘don’t ever be complacent’ bit.

Month 9/10: No problems, thoughts of smoking come and go quickly and only seldom at that.

Month 11: Finally a day I didn’t think of them at all and plenty more followed.

Long post to make a simple point... I so struggled, there was nothing easy about my quit, but now such a relatively short time later, I don’t even think of them at all! So you newbies have faith. The prize of my freedom was a few months of discomfort... glad I payed up cause life as a non-smoker is way better! bella xx

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I got up especially early to catch this one! You helped me through some dark times my little quit buddy. You took on the night shift to be a lifeline for early morning sufferers and i'd look forward to your posts and pm's of support when I woke. Al ways here for you. Truly proud of how you fought and won. A true asset to my collection of friends I say well done and happy birthday too! Big loves fi x x x x

Bella, being your friend through these's been a great pleasure. Amongst all these times we've had so many excellent laughs. It's been a real privilege to have shared so much with you. Thank you my dear friend xxx

And now you are a member of the successful one year cool is that :cool:



Well done Bella, that's a great achievement.:D

You're an inspiration to all hun. XXXX


Well done to you.

Glückwünsche Bella, another Feber reached a big milestone. Surely with more to come we must be the crème de la crème of NSD, well done Bells. David

Well done & congratulations Bella.

An inspiration to us all :D

Gaynor x


Maybe not in the year league yet but working my way up those long winding stairs, It must be good to at last reach a solid platform of ONE YEAR

Keep climbing and dont look back

Hi Bella...............first of all congrats and so well done. And a big thank you for your post, it is incredibly helpful for those of us further back in our quit to know what the future can hold. The good times are for us to work towards and the bad bits are for us to watch out for and knowing that we too can come very close to 'normal' again in just a year. Its good enough to keep me going the depressive days.

Big Well Done Bella your magic day has finally arrived and a very happy birthday too. Some day you are going to have today, enjoy.

Jackie x

Congratulations to you for One Whole Year Smokefree :)

What a great extra reason to help with celebrating your birthday :cool:

I still don't know if quiting on ones' birthday is good or not..... it's seems almost a form of punishment and deprivation :) (can you tell I'm still getting my head around how good a thing quitting can be?) but it's certainly a great birthday present to give oneself.

Thanks for a great account of each month's progress to your current one year journey. I found it helpful, even at almost 4 months done. The mix of emotions and ups and downs happen to a lot of folk in varying order but it's good to know and have belief that all comes good after some time.

Have a great day with plenty of smiles and fun... enjoy every moment

Pol xx

Well done my sarcy/wit/irony/funny lady .....Very proud of you. And glad that you have been there to tell me off when i was very close to going back to being an addict (soooo many times) A few times i have been so close to having one and spoliling my longest ever quit, but knew i would have to go back to day one, and you would tell me off...!:eek:

PS Have a very lovely birthday too....:cool:



Bella, A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 YEAR SMOKE FREE!!!!!! Happy Birthday too! We are finally both in the penthouse. You are 100 percent right this was a long journey, but you made it. Jody

Thank you everyone!! It’s a great day. Should get this much attention every day :)

Fi, you know how much me loves you! You’re the best quit buddy little ol me could have!

Cav, it been great fun, eh, thanks for the lovely post!

Ellie!! Thanks my Aussie friend! What naughty pic did ya post for me? lol

Carpenters Mate, you’re one of my favs, too.... you keep that story thread spicy and get sexy Carpenter back!

John, thanks you! Didn’t know red was now the new purple ;)

Davo, of course... we rock, think we’re definitely going to average the highest number of one year quitters this month.... we should get an award for that of sorts... Mods, what do you say?

Thanks Gaynor and Jamangie for the kinds words!

Amanda, what a a lovely post! Thanks so much! Hope your ‘normal’ arrives much sooner than mine!

Thank you Jackie!

Pol!!! You remembered the hot tub! lol I’ll sneak you in for a soak, okay! I don’t recommend quitting on your birthday really..... don’t know what came over me when I decided it! It was a very lousy birthday lol Making up for it this year!

Jude girl!! The fun we’ve had :D Very proud of you, too!

Jody!! Meet you at the hot tub! Nice place this Penthouse, eh!!

Huge Congratulations Bella.

Great post too.

May you continue on this fresh thinking and smelling! :D road!

Be with you soon.



Hi Bella

That is a wonderful post and will help many on here to hold on to their quits

welcome to the penthouse I know how hard this was for you at times but you battled through the hard and bad days


[Mommy Marg xx

Thanks, Nog, my fav little forum dragon! 9 more days for you, can’t wait too see you.... saving a seat for you on that lovely couch of ours!

Marg! Thanks so much for the nice post! Thank you also for cleaning up the Penthouse for my arrival.... that Fi can be so messy :eek:

Thanks, CV! ;)


Hi Bella, Brilliant to see you are a happy non smoker, Another Feb quitter I looked out for when I quit in March, Your support and advice on this forum has been great.... Congratulations and keep the penthouse clean only a few weeks off there myself now. Like u also Bella I struggled alot but does get easier your right. If it was easy we would have all done it so much earlier and its certaintly made it interesting..... Take care Kaz xx :p

Bella congratulations to you and all the others who have gone a year. It's seeing you guys get there that helps us on two and a half months to see it can be acheived. So when we have the bad times we know you must have gone through the bad times also.

It helps us to know that we can get there. you are all an inspiration. Thanks


Thank you, Kaz! Your turn very soon! Can't guarantee to keep the place clean but will safe you a spot in the hot tub ;)

Jack! Yup.... we all had bad times for sure. You've had some bad things happen to you lately and it's good to see you've stuck with your quit. Well done you and I hope you get to feeling better soon! You and your mates keep sticking together, it sure make things more bearable and fun. Cheers!

Hey Bellablue.

Congratulations and well done on reaching your year of not puffing. It's a brilliant achivement.

Love Ju xx

Bella, superb journey map you've shown there.. definitely shows that this was worth fighting for doesn't it!

You can already say you quit smoking over a year ago, and i bet that sounds great just saying it :)

Well done on coping with all those unexpected triggers n cravings.. makes you realise every quit is different and all the more glad when you succeed.

Congratulations on the penthouse 1 year :)


Yay... one year finally.... Penthouse better be ready for me ;)

Long post to make a simple point... I so struggled, there was nothing easy about my quit, but now such a relatively short time later, I don’t even think of them at all! So you newbies have faith. The prize of my freedom was a few months of discomfort... glad I payed up cause life as a non-smoker is way better! bella xx

Congrat BB, never was a doubt you'd make it at least not since I've known ya.

Hope you had a grand birthday as well as a celebration of being a year quit.



Thanks Jase! Just curious.... why's your initial in between eek's? :confused:

Thank you, Jules!

Lovely, Mel, another kitteh pic! lol Thank you :)

Ellie!! Thanks my Aussie friend! What naughty pic did ya post for me? lol

:(it didnt work:(:....Well it did when I first put it on there:confused:......Sorry I will be really naughty;)

Huge congratulations to you Bella.

Gaynor x

Congratulations Bella

Massive congratulations to you for being smoke free for a whole year .:D

Enjoy your new healthy life as a penthouse resident for you have earned it . :)

Best wishes Trev

20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

6 months cold turkey.:cool:

Fantastic Bella

Really please for you and thanks for the month by month post - really helpful



Deke9 Years Smoke Free


Great to see you achieveing the first year, of many I am sure, smoke free.

Big "well done's" to you.

well done bella .

now I will be really naughty

lol thanks Ellie girl :) not to say that I like them bare and shaved though!! :eek:

Thank you, Gaynor, Trev, Tinks, and Lorraine! I appreciate your kind words! :)

DEKE!! Good to see you're back.... BUT that Film clue is not easy :confused:


Bella, a lovely inspirational post - sorry I missed it on the big day.

So pleased you've got your seat in the penthouse as you've spent so much time supporting the rest of us. Well done you.

Hugs L xx

Thank you, Lily :)

What can I say? I kept my promise and thought of you whilst I was on top of a snowy mountain in France. You have kept me coming back to this site when I could have left and become a smoker again, you have made me laugh more times then I can remember, your support for all the people on here has always been strong and unwavering.

I hope the penthouse is all you wished it for and more, to my friend Bella a huge well done I hope you are very very proud.

You're back, Bev!! I missed you.... I know crazy!! :eek: Thank you for the lovely post! Very glad you kept your promise.... now stop posting in the 2 week section... it was a blip and no arguments about it!!! Welcome back, girl xxx

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