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Another Newbie

Hi all not sure where to put this so put it here, ok i am a female on my first serious quit i did quit during pregnancy but started immedialty afterward :(. I have smoked around 20 per day for around 30years. I am quitting with my husband for various reasons.

I am on day 8 of not smoking with the help of Champix and will power. When i first went to see the nurse 4 weeks ago my co was 26 a fortnight later it was 15 and tomorow im hoping its 3 (the average for non smokers in our area). I have had a bad day today after being told yesterday that im to be made redundant, but i didnt reach for the ciggies :D, but i did rant at hubby earlier this evening out of pure frustration.

I really hope this forum can bring me support to continue with this process. Good luck all

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hi crazy lady

im a newbie too well done on your quit, i too have been so moody hubbie takes the brunt. water off a ducks back he says makes me even madder:) i am using the patches which i have found better this time around this is my second and last quit. tomorrow is day 12 for me was palin sailing until today craves are easing off a bit now.. but im just going to ride the storm and get on with it, glad ive found this forum it will help me so much during my quit.. good luck and stay with it xxx


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