No Smoking Day
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Hi folks, another newbie :)

Glad I found this forum. I've been having a read through some of the posts and it's great to know I'm not the only one who has tried to quit so many times and failed at the first hurdle.

The longest I've managed was 7 weeks about 5yrs ago, It was so easy with the pharmacy step down patches that I decided to have a cig one night believing that I could just have the one hahaha!!! I could kick myself when I think I could be on year 5 instead of day 5.

I can't believe how good I feel, yeah I still get cravings and I'm really aware of how easy it would be for me to fail but my breathing is soooo much better. This time last week I was coughing out sentences at times :(

My biggest downfall has always been my inner dialog, you know, the "other you" who thinks you're better off smoking and will try to convince you at every turn with all sorts of crazy talk. I've been shutting that one up all week and so far so good :)

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Just poke that other you in the eye, give her a good talking to while it's still smarting, and give her a bag of everlasting gobstoppers to keep her busy while you take over :)

Seriously though, well done, welcome and nice to meet you :) Reading and posting on here often really, really helped me. I' one who failed pretty much daily for years before I quit - nearing 11 weeks now, I think :)

Good luck! x


A huge welcome from me, great to have you on board. , Please read and post often it's a added aid to your quit.

Any probs post and wait for 3 replys then, it really helps

Look forward to you progress.

Brilliant decision to quit

Great bunch of people here


Thanks folks :) That's another day over, I spent most of it reading this forum and eating my weight in rubbish.

I promise to wait for 3 posts if I feel the demon winning :)


That's the spirit Ananke :)

Be strong and eat and enjoy the eating - are your taste buds coming back? I found, near the beginning of my quit, that what with drinking LOADS of water to stave off craves, other drinks tasted almost too strong and flavoursome, but MAN oh man did I enjoy my food!


Well done on quitting smoking, educate yourself about nicotine addiction,lots of information on the net.

Come on here everyday read read and read some more and most importantly N.O.P.E not one puff ever. You got this quit.:)


Incy, I don't think my taste is back just yet although I never thought I'd lost it so that should be fun when I realise I did :lol.


Oh, you are going to love it :) I didn't think I'd lost mine, either. Certainly my sense of smell was always much better than my (non-smoking) partner's. But it turned out I was wrong!


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