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No Smoking Day
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Another newbie


Have been lurking for the past two weeks and thought it was time to take the plunge and properly register.

Now on day 14 (having managed a grand total of only 48 hours on previous quits). My success so far has been in great part due to your inspirational posts which have, without a doubt, kept me (relatively) sane :). Worst side effect (despite patches) has been significant anxiety (not at all usual for me). However, as I haven't felt much like eating as a result (and have more or less gone on the waggon despite the season- more than a small glass of white wine and I want a tab very, very badly :o) I've also lost half a stone. Result!!

Anyway, early days indeed but onwards and upwards- will hope to join the Week 3ers tomorrow...

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Hiya and welcome!!

Youi're off to a fab start there, massive well done :D:D


Thank you :D


Hello and welcome to this brilliant place, which has been my saviour on more than one occasion. Any time you feel things are getting really tough just come on line and one, or more, of us will be here to help and support you - You've done really well to get this far, keep up the good work ;)



I quit about the same time as you - I think this is the hardest time of the year to quit so if we can get through to 2014 we'll be doing ok!

Good luck and keep going


Thank you all for your lovely feedback and kind thoughts :)

I so agree Lucy. That's exactly what I thought. I had originally intended to leave it until after Christmas but in my experience at least, NY resolutions have a horrible capacity of getting broken before the end of the second week of January :o. And won't it be lovely to go into 2014 as non-smokers :D:D

I shall be keeping everything crossed for your quit and hope you will do the same for me.


It's going to be fab not having to smoke and get stinky after xmas dinner!

Im looking forward to a smoke free xmas! I think you are right about the NY resolutions. They are made for breaking :rolleyes:

Any way, well done on getting this far and hope to read some more from you.

Im also using patches. When I get a massive crave I have a lozenge to top up my NRT and calm me down.

I can relate to the anxiety, I find keeping your mind off things and busy hands helps

Good Luck and keep in control



Thanks Princess :)

I'm using the lozenges as an emergency top up too (I haven't had to use them often but it's nice to know they're at hand). The anxiety seems to be wearing off now (I'm glad to say as I didn't enjoy that feeling at all) and I have plenty of cooking bits to do today and tomorrow, which will hopefully keep my hands (and head) busy.

Just came back from a final quick flick around town, and to see lovely NHS nurse for my next lot of patches. Blew a zero on the carbon-monoxide thingy today :D

Have a lovely Christmas and Good Luck to you too (I have a very strong feeling you're going to succeed).


I saw my nurse the other day and I blew a 3. She says even non smokers can blow a number. Apparently its worse if you live in London as its all in the air

So I tested this theory, I asked my never smoking boyfriend to blow in it and he blew a 2!

Shows how much crap is in the air :(


With all our NRT and our friends on here Im sure I will survive xmas :D

Merry xmas to you too and Good luck :D



Thanks again Princess :)

Actually, re the carbon-monoxide thingy, I blew a 3 last week and the nurse said that would probably be as low as it would get (I'm in Reading rather than London but obviously an urban rather than rural area). She thinks the calibration on the machine was probably a bit off today so I expect it will be higher next time. But hey- made me feel good nevertheless :D


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