Day 4 and quietly chuffed

Hi all

I've been reading this forum since my day 1 (08/02) and decided it was time to stop lurking and get involved...

This is my 8th (I think) attempt to quit - other attempts have ranged from the non-committed (4 weeks) to the pretty successful (18 months), so I feel pretty well prepared this time, but not complacent!

Feeling ok at the moment, but evenings and weekends are my downfall - have managed the pub already, on day 2, but only for an hour and not with smokers. From experience, I know that one is best left until later, for me at least.

This time feels different to the last few quit times, so I'm crossing my fingers, re-reading Allan Carr, keeping myself busy and positive and hoping for the best!

Good luck everyone - we will all succeed if we want to.

Lottie x

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  • :) you should be chuffed :D

    well done i find it helps reading post on here you know you are not alone...

    fingers xxxx for you


  • well done Lottie you're doing really well It's good that you are aware of your triggers. Keep up the good fight we're all behind you,


  • Thanks June and I hope you're feeling chuffed with yourself too.

    It has helped reading all the posts - and funny when you hear of so many things you go through yourself, like you say, nice to know you are not alone -beats keeping a diary!

  • Shout it out

    I think you should be loudly chuffed not quietly chuffed!!!

    Well done and good luck from a fellow day 4er!


  • Thanks Marie and hello Beccy day 4-er!

    I would like to be loudly chuffed but everyone in my office/friends/bf have all heard it before so I think I would get a whole bunch of rolling eyeballs if I banged on about it too much!

    Still I know I'm doing well, and now I know about this forum, I can be as chuffed as I like :D

    Hope all is going well for you too - I thought day 3 was going to be the killer but all seems to be good so far apart from the usual nutty dreams and feeling spaced out... onwards and upwards!

    Lottie x

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