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ups and downs of quitting

Had a really good day yesterday drunk loads of juice.. ate healthy.

It's week 2 and my birthday today and am just 'dying' to light up. Know dying is the right word literally!! Cravings are bad today. I think it's coz been on the patches and found then uncomfortable so went cold turkey yesterday morn.

I will not give in...I will not give in!! cravings for me can be helped with water..water..water and deep breaths until you cannot inhale anymore hold as long as poss..then breath out slowly. That and holding on with both hands teeth anything that keeps my willpower...

Any other tips..peeps have that can help the body just pass/help cravings. I am reading and trying to self help as much as poss.

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Hi Chezz :D

Well done getting to week two that's great

Have a very happy birthday smoke free

As you went CT yesterday this could be the reason for the craves but stick with it by tomorrow night the Nicotine will be out of your system for good and things will start getting better again

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Well done to you and a very happy birthday. The cravings will ease by tomorrow if you stopped patches yesterday.



Happy Birthday

And well down for dealing with the cravings.


Happy birthday hope its been good day..

well done on not giving in to those cravings...

ive also had them really bad today but they can sod off cos i'm not letting

them beat me..



Happy Birthday Chezz & well done on your quit. I am getting through the craves with lots of deep breathing at the moment. Really seems to help but I must look a little odd when sitting in the car driving home, that seems to be my hardest time at the mo.

Keep strong :)

Gaynor xx


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