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2 years quit gone down the plug ole.


I should be celebrating 2 years of my quit round about now but I've relapsed. I wont bleat on about the why and how and all that and as much as I hate admitting defeat on the forum I feel that I have too.i intend to quit again and this forum is a resource that has helped me in the past and hopefully will again. I cant do it on my own, I need your support. Its been a month since I relapsed and I keep quitting and starting again, i'd assumed wrongly that it would be a simple process of picking up where I left off, alas no. Addiction is tricky and the nicotine beast has awakened.i have my patches ,they worked before, in fact a week ago I thought i'd put one on and sailed through the day feeling free and calm until I discovered it was still in my pocket . Anyway im redy to give it another go asap. see u soon people.


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Thanks for your message Una . I did respond ( twice). but the darn things disappeared into the plughole of cyberspace. will keep u posted.

Mash x


So sorry to hear your news - it must have been an almighty event/shock as you were always the most determined of our fellow octoquitters 11.

Glad to see you're trying again - you know the ups, downs, pitfalls & temptations. I got a cold shiver down my spine when i read your news and it is making me doubly aware of complacency!!

Good luck with your new quit!

Chins up!!


Cmon Mash, head up, chest back....you can do this. You did so well last time and in the grand scheme of things a month isn't going to undo all the good you did in two years.

Get back on the wagon, this month, then we can be in the same month again. only this time I will drag your sorry butt into the penthouse and lock the door so you nor me can get out again.


Lillie xxx

Hi Mash,

Your wifey's back too lol!! Time to get in the zone and back on that wagon, we're all here for you!!!

nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Hi Mash

So sorry to hear that the nicotine demon raised its head again; you have beaten it once before. I'm sure that everything you learned as you went through your 2 yr quit has not been lost and will keep you fuelled when you quit again.

I have my fingers crossed for you - from what I know of you, from your previous posts - once you get your mental energy reserves built up again there will be no stopping you when you quit again. :)

todays the day. I've loaded the shotgun with patches and I have a few hand grenades. I've disseminated Tobbacco lands propaganda. what a load o twoddle . the war is on .i'm taking no prisoners. Now wheres the first duck?

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

All the best.

All the best Mash.:)

The former 2 years is not down the drain - you learned a lot about quitting smoking then.

Whatever it was that rattled you enough to take up smoking again - I'm confident that will make you even more strong in this quit. :)

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