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No Smoking Day
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My excuses before...My reasons now!

I started smoking when i was 12.

The amount of peer pressure was unreal! And i wanted to fit in properly.

I didnt smoke many a day top start off with, maybe 2-3. By 14 i was buying my own ciggys and got through about 6-8 a day. And when i was 16...i was getting through a hole pack.

When i was 17 i fell pregnant with my daughter, and stopped as soon as that pregnancy test showed i was expecting.

I stayed a non smoker. I fell pregnant again at 20 and still no ciggerettes.

After my second pregnancy i started having a couple when id go out or was around my smoking friends or family.

Ive been smoking properly again for about 2 years. And my excuse, my nan passed away. I felt pain like no other and i thought it would help. But it didnt.

My reasons for quitting?

I dont want my children to see me smoking and thinking its ok.

I want to be fit and healthy so i dont get out of breathe playing at the park.

I dont want to miss seeing my grandbabies (if i have any)

And although its not glamorous or guarenteed, i want to grow old. See my kids grow up....

No more excuses for me!!

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