Into Week 3 !!!! Day 18

Hi there, have been posting in ther sections now qualified to post here since I'm on Day 18 !!! Yippee....feeling good about my achievement so far (have been on Champix)...suffering from some dry skin and the odd attempt by my subconscious to get me back into the dirty world of smoking but i don't want to go back there, come too far and the hard part is over.....thanks to everyone on here too, gee it makes a difference..

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  • My subconscious was messing with me as well today..... day 17 for me and it wasn't so hot but hey..... we did come this far!!! You sound great, gstar..... great job!!!!

  • Thanks, great to see you still here with me as we stopped same day !

    Think i'm approaching 'acceptance' phase which is excellent - you keep it up too...

  • Hi Gstar & Bellablue

    Great going both of you and well done you have come a long way in a short time what you call your subconscious is probably those nasty sneaky little sods the Nico :eek: Demons trying to lure you back DON'T LET THEM WIN

    they will keep trying so be wary

    Everyone here will help all we can whenever you need it

    Good Luck


  • Into Week 3 !!!! Day 18 Reply to Thread

    Congrats to you!! I'm on 18 days today too! :D

  • Hi Free3 :D

    Well done to you on day 18 you're doing great keep it up

    Best Wishes


  • mine was messing with me today bella blue...

    well done though, i forget how brilliant going into the third week is...really xxxxx

  • Back to work today..... nic demons had less time to bother me today :) There is a whole gang of us who stopped on Friday the 13th...... it is so great to see you all still here with me!!!! Great going you guys!!!!

  • Day 19 now and feel like I'm flying. It helps so much to put the runners on and go out for a walk to really reinforce why you've taken the steps towards good health again. It makes me even more committed...Great work.

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