40 - I think

I'm not too sure if today is 40 or not as I'm not on the 'puter with my funky Gadget. Instead I'm on the 'puter with the not so funky (or accurate) Widget. I assure you there's a big difference between a Gadget and a Widget. I'd like to see Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wrestle over what's best!

I digress.

After a week off, a fantastic Sunday spent with good (no great) friends, and if I don't say so myself one of the best roasties I've ever cooked, today saw the return to work (BBBBOOOOOO!). Before the return to work came a trip to the docs...(double BBBBBOOOOOOO!).

I digress again...

Didn't smoke today which was good.

I've been reading through some posts where people have been struggle with cravings and find I can't reply to them. My personal experience has been that my close shave was the best thing that could have happened. That is I went out bought cigarettes, lit up and put out (instantly) due to a "challenging" moment. Lighting it (not smoking) nearly made me throw up, I had to scrub my hands and wash my clothes as I couldn't stand the smell (even after that single moment). How could one ever suggest this being a positive thing? I have to bite my tongue and think about cake.

The positives of my experience...the only time I think about smoking now is when i head on here (which has become a habit in itself), oh and when I gave my doctor he good news this morning. She was so impressed she instantly asked me to take my trousers off! ...I assure you the two events were unrelated..... I gotta bad leg :(

I'll finish my usual drivel here.


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  • Hmmm....I see the problem here, Stav.

    Feeling great about being a non-smoker and realising that it really is gonna pan out well for you.

    I prescribe a post of music on Sax thread and possibly if the problem recurs a wee bit of humour posting on Jude's Funny things/not offensive thread.

    Congrats on hitting 40...ya old git :eek::rolleyes:

  • Congrats on hitting 40...ya old git :eek::rolleyes:

    Don't think he meant his age silly :rolleyes:

    Congrats on 40 days, Stav... plus or minus a day... and good for you for having such a positive attitude going... took me many more months to get where you seem to be already!

  • What's all this about being 40 Cav? I've another good few years to go yet :)

    Bella: I'm not sure if this is about PMA any more, personally I just enjoy an uncomfortable challenge! I don't feel I'm achieving anything until I feel a level of discomfort!

  • Don't think he meant his age silly :rolleyes:

    What's all this about being 40 Cav? I've another good few years to go yet :)

    Yeah, I thought we were talking days. Just these women confusing the issue...tut :rolleyes:

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