40 days!!

Hi All!

All NSD quitters its our 40th day today werhoooooooo!!!

I feel soooo much better now, the weathers beautiful and my mood has improved *phew* and I'm feeling on top of the world.

The other day I had the worst day ever and I just want to thank the peeps who supported me that day, how I didnt smoke was a miracle. I felt so down, glad I went online and got it off my chest. I just thought I'm still going to be stressed with or without a smoke, a cig isnt going to change my situation. If anything it would've made things worse when the guilt surfaces.

Well onwards and upwards, I'm going to go on the 'race for life' website now and get registered. I did it a few years ago and it was a great experience, just pleased that this time I'll be a non smoker and will enjoy the run.

I've put on a few pounds since I've stopped smoking but I intend to start running again like I did last summer, so hopefully the extra weight will come off. Before I started smoking i was a bit of an exercise nut but smoking has always stopped me from going back into it cos I was always breathless. Looking forward to getting out there again-feeling alive and full of energy!!:)

Keep strong everyone :D

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  • Hi angela, 40 days for us today waheeeee!

    Im so glad you feeling better now and you sound rearly positive,Im so glad you got over you bad time> x

    guess what i too have just signed up to do the race for life, it falls this year on fathers day, and as it will soon be 2 years since i lost my dad i am going to do it for him with my sister. (I promised him before we lost him that i would stop smoking) i am feeling rearly positive now and to do the race is a great incentive to keep going!

    We can do it, and we will do it!

    Keep postiive and smiling:):)


  • Thanks Tracy x

    Aww I bet your Dad would be so proud. I promised my Nanna before she died that I'd stop. Its taken a couple of years but I now feel I'm getting there. I really feel like I've turned a corner, week 3 was a toughie for me and last week wasnt too good, but that was more other reasons not connected to stopping smoking. I'm just at that stage where I've been before (7 weeks is the longest i've quit for) where complacency kicks in and I talk myself into believing that just one cig wont hurt - oh yes it bwoody will!! Just have to face facts that I can never just have one, its not going to happen or else before I know it I'll be on 20 a day again!

    Feel like not smoking is becoming normal to me now and having a cig would be strange, feel like I've got this far i'm not going to go back there again. The only side effects I'm having are a pesistent sore throat and disturbed sleep but hopefully that'll subside soon.

    Keep strong and all the best with your race for life Tracy :D

  • Yes Angela, I know my dad would be proud, he always wanted me to stop after he was forced to stop about 15 years ago when having health problems, he would never have had those 15 years if he hadnt have stopped and in that time 11 grandchildren were born (not all mine ha ha), so he got to be a grandad and was the best.It realy gets me angry that he quit and still ended up with a horrible disease and was very poorly, but i promised him and now almost 2 years later ive done it!

    I know what you mean about getting comfy with a quit though and thinking maybe one wont hurt, but it will ive tried that a few times and this time i am not gonna fall for that trick again!

    We are MMQ Crew quitters and that means we are strong together and if ever we think one wont hurt, im sure everyone on her will kick us up the arse and say OH yes it will!

    take care and we both should get practicing for our race, you are welcome to give me any tips on running cos i aint do any for about tem years, god help me!


  • well done..... 40 days for me too i feel good not only that i dont smoke but im proud that i have been able to fight it all the way... its never going to be easy im always going to be a smoker in a way like and alcoholic finds alcohol there drug... but so far ive been able to resist and hopefully i always will... my sister in law has been quit 6 years now and after talking to her yesterday she said she could still go buy a packet right now and smoke them,.. at first that depressed me as i thought it would never get easier but at the same time i dont mind that i dont mind the thought being there as the cravings wont be so ill be able to handle it... my other sister in law has just quit too shes on day 5 now which makes me feel good as its nice to be able to play with my neices and nephews with out stopping as i cant breathe ( although they can still run rings around me lol )

    so congratulations to everyone who has made it this far you should give yourselves a massive pat on the back... :D

    x x

  • Hi Angela

    40 days that's great well done, hope you're proud of yourself


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Tracy :D

    Well done entering the race for life with your sister


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

    Hi Jewls :D

    40 days for you as well that's great Hope you're also proud of yourself


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Angela, Hi Tracy, Hi Jewls,

    Well done all of you on 40 days:D Er... except of course... that'll be 41 days by now!!!:o


  • Hi Angela, Hi Tracy, Hi Jewls,

    Well done all of you on 40 days:D Er... except of course... that'll be 41 days by now!!!:o


    oh yeah thanks Deke thats actually made me feel better.... recalulated 42 days which is better then i thought... My maths has always been shocking lol :rolleyes:

    x x

  • Hey Jewls,

    I'm only keeping track with a quit calculator - don't ask me to actually do the working out!!:o


  • Congratulation, Angela, Tracy, and Jewels! 40 days and still counting! Keep going!

  • Well done

    Angela, Tracy & Jewls

    Congratulations to U all, so proud of all three of you.

    Not always easy is it, I have had a terrible day today, one of my worst, but got through it.... Main reason cos I didnt want to post on here if I didnt make it.... So it works for me...... When u have smoked for so long, cant expect an easy ride in the first few weeks..... But getting there.....

    One thing Tracy today has made me realise not ready to drop the patches yet.... ha ha..... Just when I was getting confident..... Kaz :D

  • Hi Kaz, hope you feeling a little better, but please dont worry about having a bad day, you really helped me over the weekend when things were tough and i wasnt strong, we are all doing well and when we stop and think about our last two weeks, we have had more good days than bad, and we would have had bad days if we were smoking, so hang in there and a good day is waiting for you tommorrow and by then we will have been quit for 6 weeks! Now that is definately gonna make you want to smile, 6 weeks!!!!!!

    Keep strong kaz, and if you still feeling bad, post on here so everyone including me can help, and we can get through these toughies together. x


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