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No Smoking Day
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I actually think I've done it!

I'm trying not to get too cocky (in case I drop my guard too much....), but I just feel more sure by the day that I've quit for good!

Last nightI was just about to put another cute little 7mg patch on before I went to bed - then I remembered THE DREAMS and figured I needed a good night's sleep so left it til morning.

(I needn't have bothered - I was dreaming that I randomly gave birth to a really ugly baby and my mum wanted me to call it Bolton after the town in Lancashire but I preferred George - and no-one would babysit.....:confused: )

I woke up feeling no different to how I normally do when I wake up lately - NOT wanting to smoke! I DID put a little patch on before work though, I don't want to take any chances, especially with the trip to Germany coming up next week. I managed not to lose the patch today too!

I went to the normal weekly game of badminton this evening - either I'm getting fitter or I wasn't running around as much - or getting BETTER at it so I don't have to run around so much (does it count when you hit the shuttlecock with your head.......?). Then when we got home I gave the kitchen a big clean - and DIDN'T crave my reward fag afterwards! That one was the one I missed the most at the beginning - and OK I did THINK of it, but it was just a passing thought, not an actual craving.

I'm also giving away my supply of menthol filter tips to one of the smokers at work - she randomly found a pack of rizlas earlier, so I asked if she smoked rollies - I've been WAITING for someone who can use them as they're taking up valuable handbag space! :D:D:

I KNOW I can do it now - last night was 15 hours CT all together and I STILL wasn't craving, I'm just finishing the course of patches as a precaution! (and I'm no longer worried in case one falls off... ;) )

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Well done MadCatWoman! The day a quit becomes do-able is kind of magic, isn't it?! Mine was day 28............ it was the day I realized I could keep going and just maybe make it. Sounds like you've had one of those days :) Good for you! Never look back......... do whatever necessary to stay on this path! That crave for the 'reward fag' will disappear more and more into your past! Soon you won't even have the thought...... You've done real good......... keep it up!



YAY that's great the first time you wake and feel different is wonderful isn't it a kind of break through when you KNOW for sure you can do it

I think you're wise to finish the course just to make sure though but I have never understood why they tell you to wear a patch at might after all no one smokes when asleep do they ???

I'm not criticising or having a go it's just something I don't understand the reason for

I would say you're much fitter now and that's why you're finding the badminton easier so easy in fact that you went home and cleaned the kitchen without wanting that reward and I'll bet you wouldn't have been able to do that a short while ago


Marg xx


Yeah, I look forward to that day lol!


hi Definitely seems a breakthrough. Guess it's all part of moving from being a smoker to an ex-smoker then a non-smoker, who never gives it a second thought.

Well done



I enjoy the game of basketball. Your post put the image in my mind of a team being way ahead and the other team calls a time out. You know the game is yours. You know you will walk off the floor a winner tonight. There is just the smallest chance that the other team will come up with a great plan during the time out. You only have to remember the basics and don't do anything dumb. Be ready for the other side's offensive attack. You can do this.


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