No Smoking Day
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By Jove I Think It's Working! :)

Hi All

Hope everybody is well? :)

Just started my 4th week and I can honestly say that there are the beginnings, regardless of how small!!, of the "escape" kicking in! :D

I feel more confident that this is actually going to happen this time. That the quit wont fail!

I am sure, going by the excellent advice on here, that I will have to keep my guard up but this is the longest I have ever been quit and I look forward to it staying that way!!

Every now and then I still realise I am not thinking about smoking in the same way. I believe I may have passed through my mourning stage!

Sure I still think of it .... a LOT .... but somehow it doesn't seem the same!!

Strange feeling!

I am actually thinking things like wonder what we have planned for this weekend, wonder whats for tea. (I'm actually enjoying my food again without panicking about needing to smoke afterwrds.)

My brain is "slowly" realising that:

I can actually do all the things I used to do before I quit.

I AM the same person

I can still laugh (never thought that would happen!!)

I can handle the "work situation"

My head feels a little numb after all the "internal conversations" that my conscious and subconscious have been having but slowly, gradually, the subconscious is hopefully beginning to listen!!

I have been repeating the following two positive affirmations (that I saw on another site) to myself over that last couple of days, I think they may be helping to get the message through.

"I have no need or desire to smoke"

"I love myself just enough to release myself from my relationship with smoking"

I sincerely hope that this is a turning point for me and that the sky gets blue-er from here on out!! :)

Hope everyones quit is going well and take care


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good golly

Excellent news Nifty, and neatly put.


Good onya Nifty! You're doing great. Keep taking it one day at a time. Even if you have a bad day you know you've beaten worse, and you know it will continue to get better and better.

Realising that being a non smoker doesn't impact on who you are is a big thing - or it certainly was for me. Took me a lot longer than eight weeks to finally understand it! Glad to see you're getting there already.

Keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Nifters. Hooray. Lovely to read this post. Hey. Not only can you actually do all the things you used to do without smoking......but you may soon find you do loads more things that you didnt do. Keep at it Greg my good man. Dead chuffed for you :)


Greg congrates, its true it does get easier:)

im finding my brain also isnt arguing with me so much no more and if it does i just tell it to shut up lol. Cravings are simmering too now(thankfully) tho some do creep up on me still.

I'll be joining you in week 4 2mos so keep a spot for me.

Keep it up xx



Great post! You're doing fab, doesn't seem like 5 mins ago you were in day one!

Well done:)

Fi x


Well done!

Greg! I echo the sentiments of all the above, you have done just great and it really is a great post well done!:)


Thank you all very much for your continuing support.

Yeah, of course, I know I have a hell of a long way to go but I hope soon I will actually begin to enjoy the journey!

Shame it's dark nights as I'm dying to get out on my new bike, picked it up on Saturday gone ...... oh my word ..... it's "bootiful!"

It was actually in the living room on Saturday night, all spanking new and shiny! How sad is that!!!

Don't think my better half will let me have it in here again though after its covered in cow muck and mud!! :D

Sian, I'm not just holding your place I've got the door open and the engine running, get yer dancing shoes 'cos we're on the way to the ball!!

hehe :D

Thank you again all

You are so much help




Well done, are doing great...keep it going.


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