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5 Months Today!

Hey all,

Hope your all doing well and resisting the smokes x

Well 5 Months tmrw and I AM getting there! quit with the help of Champix and although I have thoughts daily of the fags, I am glad I am well past all that, I got through, Halloween Parties, Bonfire Parties, Christmas and New Year without the "assistance" of a ciggy and I am so proud of myself, 16 years of smoking 20 a day and I havent been near one!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!

I can breathe better, people say I smell better and my kids are so proud of me!

Been on here a while and I am sorry I have not been around alot, although I have a few circumstances that prevent this, but I hope you are all doing okay and quitting the filthy habit is the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves and for their family.

Fay xxxxxxxx

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Congrats on your 5 months, Fay!


well done fayray, your doing it :D


Hi Fay :D

Congratulations on 5 months smoke free


Marg xx


Good to hear from you, well done getting 5 months done, brilliant.



Huge congratulations on 5 months done, keep this up and folk will sit next to you on the buses again :) (i'm joking!)

hehe.. well done to you, makes a massive difference at this stage of the quit, so much more focus and alot less of the cravings too.

Even if you don't post much, just post your milestones as you go, its another way of being proud of being free of the addiction.



Thanks guys your all fantastic!! xx


Well done on your achievement!


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