Entering month 5 today

As fall approaches I enter month 5. It's been 4 full months of my cold turkey quit. I still have cravings although we know at this point it's definetely more mental than physical and there certainly are triggers although I haven't figured out just what gets me going sometimes. Having taken up running again on a regular basis after week 6 of my quit has helped me focus on getting faster and further with that activity which would not be possible if I was still smoking but the nasty weather is coming and it's going to be more difficult to find days to run so I may turn to the gym (boring treadmill). Whatever I can do to keep off cigs is what I'l be doing and hopefully it'll be enough. So many things are more enjoyable as a non smoker most of which we don't even realize until we really stop to think about. It sure was annoying always trying to find somewhere 'acceptable' to smoke. I hated that and of course hiding it from so many people I found I would limit the amount of time i'd spend with others including loved ones. That was wrong on many levels.

Those of you reading this that have just begun your quit should know that others have gone before you, your not alone, share your thoughts and accomplishments here and with anyone who will listen and remember your doing this for yourself so when the congratulations fade don't let your will power follow, stay strong.

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  • Really pleased for you Canwes. Great effort and you've been a good support to others. I've just recently joined 6 month room and will hide some treats here for when you arrive X

  • Hope there will be some for me to !!! (lol)

  • Wow!!! Will I ever be able to post this myself? Huge archivement, congratulations and keep it going!

  • WTG ... I'm not a runner, but I walker alot up the hills and moors where I live I to dreaded the winter coming dark nights bad weather. But you need a plan, I'm gonna re-paint all the nicotine stained walls etc in the house. I've realised that as a smoker I was "selfish" now I hate it when people smoke near me or I smell the smoke, but I understand it as I used to be like that.

    I stay strong ... by taking a deep breath everyday of Gods free air it tastes so good :)

  • Canwes

    As always a wonderful encouraging post......Your posts carried me through that difficult dark days and gave me strength to carry on.

    I am two weeks behind you and will stay that behind and continue to enjoy ever day as if it is a new life.....

    Go well and thank you once again !!

  • Month five here we come, i still really fancy a cigarette sometimes, i had a puff on my mates yesterday and really enjoyed pulling on the cigarette but did not enjoy the after taste,i am not going back no way, my annoying cough has gone and my bank balance is great

  • Be careful Jouw...That one puff took so many ex smokers back to full time Rather NOPE !!

  • I think if I were to do that, I'd be right back to square one - I urge you not to do it again if you are serious about quitting. Just not worth it!

  • Juow, your brave to take that pull, I won't let myself. I'm afraid I'd try again and again until the after taste was good and we all know how depressing that would be after having fought so hard and come so far. So many times the temptation has been very strong and I'm sure glad smokes aren't easy for me to get from my home, it takes a bit of time and a bit of a drive so that helps give me enough of a window to come back to my senses. I hope to be posting how many years I've been smoke free on this forum in the future as I appreciate those that come back here and do just that for us, there by letting us know there is life after smoking but the same can't really be said in reverse.

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