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Month 5 today - sorry another essay :)

I quit on November 16th so is now 5 calendar months. I summarise last 5 months as follows:-

Nov 13: total nightmare, crawling up the walls and ready to smoke at any second

Dec 13: still a nightmare with added issue of Christmas and New Years parties

Jan 14: first mini breakthrough. New year and fresh start knowing I already have 6 weeks under my belt. However eating and drinking more and gaining weight

Feb: beach holiday in Brazil and so again really tough and big cravings

March: first big breakthrough. Cravings minimal but still over eating .

April: London marathon month so no cravings (brain more concerned about a nightmare 26 mile run)!

For all new quitter, it really does get better. I never believed it would get better back in early days of quit. I constantly used this forum which has been fantastic. The best 2 bits of advise I have read on here are

1) there is no such thing as one cigarette. One becomes 2, then a pack etc etc. be strong and don't have one!

2) Beating triggers makes you stronger and stronger. For me Christmas was a trigger that I beat. I then beat New Years and then I beat a beach holiday. Now my brain knows that I faced them down and so I can deal with them easily again the next time. Christmas 2014? No problem :)

I love being a non smoker and will Never go back to day one. For all those on here, please keep going. Smoking is dreadful with no benefits. How good do you feel to be a non smoker :)

(Sorry for the war and peace essay) :)

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Brilliant post:). You are doing just 'fab' my love.

Fi x


Great post.:)

Your an inspiring person. :)


Woody, huge congratulations from me on your Month 5 milestone. That, and succeeding so utterly in the London Marathon in the space of a few days is pretty damn awesome! :D

You really are a star and an inspiration. No doubt that you're going to the Penthouse (following a short sojurn at Halfway House. Your suite there is in the process of being prepared and I am sure there will be a nice bottle of something cold and fizzy ready on arrival). In the meantime, a brief stop at Month 5 Pavilion will give a chance for your legs to have a rest. :)


Well done and superb to run a marathon aswell, im so proud of you - You are an inspiration xxx


Thanks to you all for your replies and support


Fantastic post Woody, congrats on your 5 months and your 26 miles :D


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