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Day 27.....can't believe it

Hi folks,

I am on day 27 and I cannot believe I am here! Its so exciting.

Tomorrow evening will be 4 weeks of being a non smoker. Its not been easy every day but the good days have definitely outweighed the bad ones by far.

I have had a really hard time at work and had to involve HR to deal with a situation and basically my confidence had hit rock bottom as a result of being harrassed by a colleague. Despite all of that I have managed to stay quit. I reckon if I can do that I can cope with anything and stay quit.

Still sober though as know being drunk has always caused me to fail in the past so going to wait a while before having more than a couple.

Hope everyone else is having a good smoke free day :)


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Well done Debs, be caefull with the booze i keep it to ten pints per session now lol:D.


Well done Debs , almost 4 weeks! You'll be able to start counting in months! Keep going strong! Jody


Oops! Should have been in week 3...

......getting ahead of myself lol!

Deano, thank you. I dunno if I would have any choice about keeping to 10 pints lol Would be on the floor by then anyway ;)

Thanks Jody. In my head getting to two months will make it all real. Can't wait til then. Funny how you wish your life away. Only in a good way :)

Erm, see you all in a few days :o



Oh Golly Gosh, can definitely empathise with ya there Debs.

Having had major work hassles for nearly a year...:eek:The stress is automatic,as in i mean the desire to smoke with the stress is automatic.

Firmly believe we should stand up for our work rights etc...I am going to join a union as the company i work for are c****s.. Don't smoke, it doesn't make it better. Yes, the automatic response to stress is to think "Ah, smoke" and it is a really a hard one to deal with , but do it without smoking and next time you will be a non smoker...!


Hi Debs :D

28 days that's great and if you could get through the hassle at work you can get through anything smoke free

Onwards and upwards


Marg xx


4 weeks today, excellent job. Sorry to hear you have had problems at work but well done getting it sorted and not smoking.




That's great, Deb. I can't wait to get there.


Hi Debs,

You are doing fantastic day 27, yah!!!!

The situation at work must be very difficult for you and you must be extremely stressed with it all but remember having a cigarette wont take away what's happening at the moment plus you will feel bad for breaking the quit when you have come so far.

Sending you lots of PMA. Keep strong and focussed and you will come through this.



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