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Ive done it!!!

i have finally reahced month 1 and im sooooo happy because i think day 28 has been my best until now, while i was cooking dinner as i had to chop some onions and they were strong so they made my eyes water which then (sorry to sound like a puff) turned into tears of happiness as i thought id never make it to a month, let alone type the happy story on day 2

thanks all for support


by the way my stats now

1month 2 days 1hour 45minutes

days quit - 33

cigs avoided - 429

money saved £120.37

life saved - 1day 11hours and 45minutes

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Hey Geoff,

well done you!! Very proud of you for getting this far... it'll get easier now.... you keep that quit of yours going and it will get stronger as time passes.... don't ever go back you hear, even if life gets tough.... Congrats and welcome to your second month ;)


Good going Geoff! Congratulations and may it continue!


Well done Geoff thats great news, a month is a very good achievement. xx :)


Morning Geoff :D

That's great well done you huge Hug


Marg xx


Geoff, 1 months, absolutely brilliant. You've done a fantastic job, keep at it. Great cover up with the onions, next time I feel a bit randomly emotional, i'll head straight for the kitchen.

Well done again,

Lorraine :)


Very well done Geoff a whole month done is great.



Fantastic, Geoff! Keep going strong! Jody


Hey Geoff :)

Tears of onions or happiness..... either is just great as is one Month smokefree :)

Keep up the great work and the cooking.... a man who can cook and show some emotion is a true gem..... if my sons can show such honesty then I know I've done something right :)



Geoff, you are a non smoker now. ....Well done :D

Remember this, and any time you want to smoke (don't because it's cr@p and not fun , and you will keep being and getting so more addicted that you won't even think of stopping until you are at least my age (:eek:) by which time you will have done yourself serious damage......

I sooo wish i had either never started, or given up when iwas younger.


Geoff...well done to you my love I know this has been a hard hard road for you....but look at you now

So its onwards and upwards....

Keep strong



Hi Geoff.

Well done on your first month of not smoking. I hope you feel proud of yourself mate.

I knew you could do it:cool:

I hope I can say congratulations on you reaching your second month.

Take care and again well done.

Speak soon

Ju x


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