No Smoking Day
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Woo hoo start of week 2

Day 8 and i can't believe how quick it has gone.

Still feeling queasy after taking champix, get a few dizzy spells mainly first thing and last thing at night, and still not sleeping well, going to miss my evening pill tonight and see if it makes an improvement on the sleep front, i'm desperate for a decent nights sleep, so that's my physical symptoms, emotionally i'm not too bad, get a little short tempered, but lucky for my other half and son i tend to shout at the cats lol and not them.

Had my 1st dream which involved cigs last night, was a weird daft one that didn't make much sense, but involved me buying 20 silk cut, and i knew i was doing wrong cause i was being very secretive.

Well that's my update.

Ooh just one more thing, i don't get cravings, i just get a notion i'm going to have a cig, mainly out of habit. When does that feeling subside? if anyone understands what i mean.

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Hello Hev,

I am on Champix and i totally understand where you are coming from! i am on day 8 of not smoking but was taking Champix for 14 days before my quite date.

I am suffering from nightmares most night, waking up every couple of hours and struggling to get to sleep :( when i first started on them i was sick all the time and really just an emotion mess however the longer I am on them the more my moods are starting to calm down :)

i am the same the cravings are not really that intense but the thought of smoking is constant! i am a little worried about how I will cope when i stop them but i suppose i will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have you drunk any alcohol since you have quit? i am avoiding it at all cost at he moment as now sure if i will still resist the urge to smoke.

i am off on holiday in a couple of weeks so that will be the tester



Well done Hev on getting so far. See you in week 3 next week!


I haven't had any alcohol, and to be honest i'm not much of a drinker anyway.

Well didn't take my 2nd tablet last night, and did it make a difference, well not really, slept quite soundly until 4.10am then couldn't get back to sleep, stupid thoughts going through my head nothing of any importance, layed there thinking i hust want to sleep, turned the radio an hr later fell back to sleep.

So do i take the 2nd tablet or don't i? dilemmas dilemmas.


you enjoy your holiday as a non smoker.;)


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