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Day 20 & I don't have a cob on

Day 20 and I have actually been smiling and joking with people at work. I've also been helpful and approachable and positive and possibly even... nice. I even wished my boss a nice weekend. I didn't mean it but I still said it which means my mood is improving drastically.

My week 2 was undeniably hellish to the extreme, I simply wanted to curl up, go to sleep, and not wake up again until the un-fun-fair feelings of overwhelming cr*pness had gone.

I wanted to post this as encouragement to anyone wondering what life might be like in the 3 week section. Similarly I do read the 2 month section with wonderment.

There is hope.

Crack on!

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Hi Polly, week three is OK isn't it, and look how close we are getting to month 1 :cool:

I don't look too often at posts months ahead, still freaks me out a bit to think too far ahead with regards to smoking, but I do dip my toe in occassionally when i'm feeling brave.

Where do we go after week 3? Is there some sort of abyss that we disappear into until month one, is week 4 so bad that it cannot be mentioned?

Keep at it, it's all good.

Lorraine :)


I sent Nige a note today. I haven't seen him and I was a bit worried in a Non-Mum-Tone-Typa-Way. Hopefully he's so over smoking he doesn't even need to post on here, or something. Hope he's ok?

After week 3... I think we just hang around here for a bit longer. No sign of any week 4'ers getting vaporised Star Trek stylee or falling into the abyss.

Yeh, I know though, we're edging towards a month, which is an exceptional performance. Quite stunning in fact.


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