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No Smoking Day
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Day 7 & really struggling

Hi All

Well I'm on day 7 but the last 2 days have been difficult its the cravings. The worrying thing is is that I'm on champix and towards the end of my first week of taking champix I didn't like the smell of smoke or the taste of ciggies. I'm still on champix (day 14 of taking the pills) and at the moment I love the smell of smoke. People tell me I'm not supposed to like the smell - is this right?

I was dreaming last night that I was smoking - I'm just thinking about it all the time and when I think it's gone away it POPS straight to the front of my mind again.

I have never quit for this long before and a big part of me at the moment is telling me I won't be able to do it and I miss it. I thought it was supposed to get easier!

I was speaking to someone last night who has quit for 15 years I asked if if there comes a time when you don't think about ciggies she said it gets easier but even now 15 years later there are times when she feels like one!

I've got to go back to the doctor's tonight for the breath test thing and to get some more champix.

Please hurry up and get easier - this is wearing me out!

Sorry for the rant and I really do hope you are all having an easy and happy smokefree day.

Tinkerbell xx

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Hi Tinkerbell :D

You rant away all you like OK we really don't mind just don't smoke

Well done on day 7 that's great but it's still very early days for you so of course you're going to think about them and miss them they were a huge part of your life after all

We've all been there in the same place as you are now and yes it's tiring if you can and you need to take a nap even 5 minutes helps drinking water helps the craves daft as it sounds it does help honest as for the smell some of us hate it and some don't there are no rules for this as we're all different so are our quits of course

The dreams can be unsettling to say the least but that's all they are dreams caused by the Nico :eek: Demons as they try and lure you back at least that's my opinion

It does get easier Promise as your body starts to heal from the abuse you've given it by smoking you may not notice it at first but trust me on this one day you'll realise HEY I FEEL GREAT today

Stick with it give you body a chance it has a lot of adjustments to make with this new smoke free life of yours OK


Marg xx


Hi Tinkerbell

Please don't worry, it does get easier. You are trying to break a habit of a life-time. Of course, it's going to occupy your thoughts at the beginning. It not that you crave a cigarette (Champix takes care of that), it's just that you think you should be having one. I went through exactly the same thing. A few times even reaching for a non-existant packet of cigarettes which I expected to be next to the computer as usual.

The dreams are weird. I too was always a smoker in my dreams. Odd. The one dream I'd given up smoking but went out and bought a packet (not even my usual brand) and smoked a few. I felt so guilty when I woke up, I even checked my handbag to see if I had actually done it. Maybe your subconscious takes a while to catch up!

It does get better, you're just breaking the habit. Just keep choosing not to have a cigarette and hang onin there. You've done so well, don't slip now.



Hi Tinkerbell

Well done babes your into week two. Things will get a lot better its early days yet now the first week is over things will improve. Just take things one day at a time. dont worry to much about the smoker after 15 years if it was that bad Im sure they would not still be smoke free.xxxx


Hey Tinkerbell....well done to you :D......you have been through the hardest part....it will get better from here on in...I promise:)


Hi Tinkerbell

Well done you, I was ranting yesterday, lost my temper, cried tons and flt really low it was hell, but today I feel better and I am really hoping you do as well.

We can do this


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