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Is it just me?

YAY-got to day 4 and still feel OK (thank God for the patches). However, I appear to be getting strange spots all over my body-not loads of them, just the odd one or two, but enough nonetheless. My diet has actually improved as I'm really conscious about what I'm eating, and I'm drinking a lot more water. I thought my skin was supposed to improve???!!! I also feel like I'm getting a cold-I don't feel ill per se, but I don't feel right either. Is it just me? Am I just expecting to reap the benefits too quickly?:o

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hey there!!

Well done you!!! - your doing fabulously!!

I'm not a medical professional, but the spots could be to do with the toxins leaving your body, theres a fair store of them after smoking for some time, so it could be your body happily getting shut of them.

If it lasts too long or your worried though, consult your GP.

Well done again!!!! xx


Hi Emily

Well done on Day 4. Quits effect everyone in different ways and remember we have smoked for many, many years - poisoning ourselves so our bodies will take time to heal it won't happen overnight.

I'm sure that we will see health benefits quite quickly like being able to run up the stairs without puffing and panting like we have just run the London Marathon.

Baby steps and we will reach the longtime goal and be reeping the health benefits of being an ex -smoker.

Well done chickedee. Keep going and let me know how you get on today at the pharamcy.

Tinks xx



Aww Tinks-thanks for remembering!! I guess I'm just impatient. Because I don't feel too bad today (compared to yesterday anyhow, and certainly compared to the last time I tried to quit), I keep thinking I should be seeing some physical benefits. But you're right-baby steps is what it's all about. Last night I felt quite angry at my chap (who is now on day 5 of CT, brave boy, I'm so proud!) but when I imagined smoking a fag as I normally would when cross, I didn't actually fancy it and didn't feel it would make me any better! This is, I feel, a HUGE milestone! Instead, I just bit my tongue (another rarity for me, I'm afraid), and the emotion subsided (although I'm still adamant that it WAS his fault and he SHOULD have washed up) hee hee :)


Congrats on getting to day 4 - soon be one week.

I'm not an expert, but I remember others saying about getting spots - like teenage zits again. I didn't, but I did get that cold-like feeling without actually getting a cold. There's others, and not everyone gets everything.

Reading here and asking questions should give you some answers, but as Zozie said, if they last too long or are worrying you, see your GP.

Well done you


Wow Emily he is doing fab doing it CT, I couldn't do that and had to get the patches.

You are doing great girl you really are, keep it up.

I think there are physical benefits but we don't notice them at the time. Last year (October) I quit for nearly 1 month using champix. Something happened which I found stressful and I turned to the ciggies as thought they were the answer. Thought I could have just that one but obvioulsy it doesn't work like that. Anyway, when I started smoking I quickly started to get wheezy and breathless and flemy. I forgot about these effects of smoking as they subsided quite quickly but I didn't notice at the time. Does that make sense?

You're doing fab

Tinks xx


Hi Emily :D

Day 4 is great keep going all the things you're noticing like spots and getting a cols are as the others have said just your body starting to heal from the abuse you gave it by smoking

Patience all will be well Promise


Marg xx


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