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No Smoking Day
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You just can not get rid off me, bit like a bad smell!!

Ok so here I am, day 6, yippee is what I should be shouting but instead, all I keep doing is fantasizing about is having a ciggy!

I tell you if all my fantasies were this vivid, I would be a lucky woman! lol.

I cant sleep, I am waking really early but feel so tired, so probably good I am not having other fantasies, just too tired LOL.

Seriously it is horrible, I am keeping busy, like trying to be nice to the girls, lol, and cleaning for the world, but when I finish doing something, I forget I am not smoking and think I will just have a ciggy, then it all comes flooding back, aahhhhh!

Ok so I am moaning yet again, but it is so pants! It's like having contractions in my chest! lol, now you all think I am weird!

Well I think I am finished ranting for the minute, but I may be back! See how I feel after some more water and several chewing gums, god life is full of wonders! lol

Hope your all much happier than me! :D

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Your doing well, and going cold turkey too, don't think I would manage that, but the patches really help me. haven't been "desperate" yet, but like you, think about my old smelly friends a lot too!

Keep busy, your doing really well.


Hey sounds like you're doing great to me ;) Day 6 is a fantastic achievement, still early in the quit though so you're obviously obsessing over cigarettes all day long - I know I was :o How're you doing now? Stay strong, keep busy,

and keep up the great work! :)


not doing so good at all. No ciggy's yet but really down in the dumps. Went to a family fireworks party and had a few drinks and felt great, really great and then the cravings just hit like a thunder bolt. I just cant see me doing this, I so wanted too and now I am so tired of fighting against the cravings.

Hubby still being great, but I am just sooooo fed up of crying all the time!!!

why do I feel I cant live without ciggy's? So sorry to moan yet again but I dont know where to turn!!!!!!!!


Trying... it is tough but try to realize that the emotions are your mind playing games with you.

It will pass. You mind will rebalance. I am not going to lie It has been 4 weeks and its not perfect but truthfully I am probably handling things about the same or better than I was as a smoker now.

The depressive feelings were so strange to me this time because they were so strong but they have ebbed alot.

Just remind youself that the cigarettes really dont help and really wont make you happy.... it is true they really are purely bad.... there is no benefit to being a smoker... less money more health problems


go on have a ciggy enjoy it and then feel like shit for throwing them 6 brill days away that you have worked so hard on all that hardwork that you alone done.or try to avoid areas which make you crave more, like having a few drinks or social gatherings.if you can avoide these for a few days stronger you will become.

hope to see you posting tomorrow saying you are feeling better.

if you do have a blip there are other methods that work for other people we are not all the same


Thank you Kenzo, I am trying so hard but just want to be happy again. I know your all right but this is sooo very hard. Dont get me wrong I knew it wouldnt be a walk in the park but christ, I have never had such strong emotions as I feel now!

I just hope tomorrow will be better, I need it to let up soon or I will have to be committed!

Thanks again all xxxx


Thanks Hoot, sorry typed mine as you was typing yours!!

Just thought going out tonight might be nice, but maybe your right, maybe I need more time. We will see, it is my birthday next week which I am dreading, perhaps I will go bed early lol!!!!


tomorrow is a brighter day you will be up with the larks (with your hands around theyr necks).

you will feel better tomorrow,you will get some off days but each day wont seem so bad it is just old nic leaving your body and trying to trick you,i was having a battle with him he kept telling me go on 1 wont hurt no one will know.in the end i just sat there and laugh at myself people probably thought i was mad.i am but don tell anyone


LOL, you are so right. Just one and all will be fine! Cant say I am at the stage where I can laugh yet, but I am sure that will come! lol.

Thank you, your words mean a lot, especially this time of night xxxx


no problem always someone on here to help.


Trying, please stay strong you so owe it to yourself, you do have this strenght you really do. We've ALL felt over emotional and fragile beyond expectations during the first 10 days/two weeks, trust me it is true - that feeling of deep, unsual sadness/depression like things will never, ever be the same as before, like you are never going to make it through all this and that even if you do you're never going to be as happy again, and breakdown of tears ensues - I know :o But it does go away! This you're deep in now is a much needed step where you really have to kind of mourn the loss of your ciggie friends, no way to escape this stage hun, in order to re-emerge stronger and more determined - but this struggle will not go on forever, trust me, otherwise none of us would have made it ;)


i was reading your post again and it fetched back memorys.when i finished something i would think just have a quick cigy now and then realise or it would be the other way around if i hada job to do i would tink right a quick cig before i start.and also if on the phone for a long time i would automaticly think right lets have a smoke.

well as the days go by you will get over it. little things will still trigger the crave off but it's how you learn to deal with them that will help.2 days ago i was on the phone for 15 mins and i did think right a quick smoke as im talking and then rememberd i dont smoke no more,so still get strange pangs now and again.

like i said in one of my first posts the father in law smokes like a friggin steam train non stop and that always caused me to fail,so i aint been there for 20 days and wont go near there for anothere 20 days.(i dont want a cigg but not testing my self out by sitting there for 5 hours with puffing billy blowing smoke non stop)

so if you feel down just ramble on like we all do it will help you

hope this mumbo jumbo i typed makes a bit of sence to you trying

best of luck and please update tomorrow how you feel and how you are coping.

if anything spelt wrong well it is 12.11 and men cant spell :)


Hoot is on point with that post all those silly triggers... they do fade...

and Hoot.... whats better than an excuse not to visit an in-law:D


well if i had my way i would see the inlaws once a year, but the wife would string me up.


Hey Trying Im sorry you are finding it so tough, and it never going to be easy with or without NRT, but you are doing sooo well!!!

I know its a bit like the feelings are never gonna go away but they do, and soon as you carry on through your quit you will find the cravings lessen to the point that soon that you will wonder why you ever smoked.

Look at how many post at the beginning to how many are still posting at the 6 month mark, they dont post as often coz the cravings are lessened!!

if u are finding cold turkey unbearable maybe think about some NRT to help u through the worst, even if u get the gum it might take the edge off your cravings and its better than going back on the fags.

Just a thought. :)

Other than that I would take kenzo's and hoot's advice and avoid situations where u used to normally smoke for a while as it will trigger cravings!

Like hoot said it is nic trying to trick your body into smoking, dont let him win!!

You can do it Trying!!

charlene x:)


Morning Trying

Please let us know how you are today. Things do get better in the begining you think about fags every second but as the time gose by the thinking gets less and its not the same thinking (not a craving just a thought) if this makes sence. You could feel so much better by today you do get bad days but you also get a lot of really good days too Linda xxxxxx


Hello all, update

Hi all,

Thanks again for all your words of wisdom and encouragement!

Well it is day 7 today and still no ciggy's, not even a puff!! Although if I see someone smoking I sniff really hard, lol.:eek:

I guess I feel better than yesterday pm, I was struggling, but after coming on here last night, I found the strength to carry on.

Chewing gum like there's no tomorrow, and trying not to eat! lol, spent the last 8 months shedding 5 stone, and so do not want to put it back on!

Still very tired from the constant battle of not smoking, but gritting my teeth and hoping for the best.

Hopefully I will soon have a really good day, maybe show my lighter hearted side, lol.

Thank you again for all your support, it really does help and means so very much!

Hope your all having a good day today xxxx


day 7 thats brill well it will be day 8 now cos i missed your post.

so your now in week 2 forums weeeeeeeeeeee

keep up the good work


I understand what you have been going through trying (hell we all do) and it is so hard to do this..but just focus on the benifts..im nearly on day 6 and for me that is a big achivement..thank you for loving your body and giving up cus you and everybody else in here are helping me and everyone else who wants to follow this great but rough journery ;)


I understand what you have been going through trying (hell we all do) and it is so hard to do this..but just focus on the benifts..im nearly on day 6 and for me that is a big achivement..thank you for loving your body and giving up cus you and everybody else in here are helping me and everyone else who wants to follow this great but rough journery ;)

Well done!! and thank you, cant thank everyone on here enough, I know I would have smoked by now if it wasnt for you all!!!

But I'm not sure on the loving my body bit, LOL, me thinks a few bits need changing! lol


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