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Now where was I.....? Oh Yeah - 4 Months done!!!

Hello all, haven't been on for a while - been away for Christmas and New Year in pretty much non-computerised environments.

But during that time I've passed the 4 month milestone - and am now in Month 5 (or 18 weeks on Monday 4 Jan). Anyway you say it these dates/figures are unbelievable to me.

Some musings about the Xmas/New year period.....

1. Over Xmas: Never really missed it at all, and only had about 2 cravings that were like faint whispers to what they used to be - especially in Month 3. So for all those who may be strugglng with the dreaded month 3 - stick with it.

2. New Year - pretty much the same. In a bar - with a band on - got hideously drunk - and just did not think about having a cig at all.

3. The smell - I am really noticing how awful the smell is on people who pop out for a cig. It really is quite disgusting and I can't believe that i smelled like that for years.

Its now Sunday - with work tomorrow adn the start of the new year. I'm feeling very positive about this quit. I've read some messages about others who have quit about the same time as me and are struggling at teh moment. I really hope you stick at it and things click into place for you adn it becomes easier.

And to all on here - a Happy Smoke Free New Year!!!

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Well done Atomic...good to know month 4 has not been awful.

See you soon


Well done 4 months done and dusted, brilliant. Keep up the good work.



Well done Atomic

Congrats Atomic - 4 months is a good quit and nice to see a positive post.



nice going :) Seems like your quits going from strength to strength there :)

Keep this up now, life is good!!


Lornaj, Jackie, MAH, Jase

Cheers guys. Yeah - things seem good at the moment (touch wood!) - but only because of the support I got here.

Here's to good times ahead.


Hi Atomicguy :D

18 weeks that's great huge well done to you


Marg x



Thanks for a happy positive posting...

Not long ago i was in the month and a bit moo... not looking forward to the 3 month moo... so if i do (which i hope i dont) then its only for a bit. Yeehar!

Its good to hear your positive spin, and all of the things that are now fab.

I only craved once on Christmas day.... just after dinner!

So chuffed at the minute! :D:) x


Good for you man, keep it up. Still there with ya and doing about the same cept here smoking is allowed in bar and pubs so I dare not still out one really on. My plan is still to hold that till the six month mark which isnt that far away.

Gratz again, for some reason it helps:) my quit when someone around my quit time is doing well. Cheers


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