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No Smoking Day
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Month 4 done and into month 5

At last month 4 done, month 5 starts tomorrow - no longer feel as sketchy and am beginning to trust my quit a bit more.

Some may remember me saying about a friend who smokes about a week after giving up, doing a great impression of savouring a cigarette through a picture window - well stayed over his last Saturday and didn't give in despite a good skinful of beer/vodka.

I do know that can never take another puff though. I am not a social smoker I am an addict and will be back to square one if I'm ever dumb enough to take another puff.

Good luck to all with your quit.

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Fanrastic 4 months doen and dusted that's great keep going





Well done on getting this far. Im sorry to hear that ciggies seem to still have some temptation for you?????

Im a firm believer in mental affirmation and all that tosh, so maybe it might help you to re-affirm why you have quit, and maybe set yourself some other goal other than quitting smoking i.e. next years Great Northern Run? :-)


Edit: Just reading some other posts, are you already in training for the GNR????


Huge congrats due for getting this far in, and for proving your resolve with your friend too.

Well done, and carry on as you are, you seem to have this worked out nicely now.



Congratulations, MAH! Well done :)


Huge well done MAH.

Sorry I missed your 100 milestone but I bet this is even better. Stay strong.



Thanks Jase, BB13, Gary and Marg

Cheers aimsie, remember someone saying to me years ago that if I did the GNR it would make me stop smoking, it did 3 years later, so time number 4, I was a non smoker - though still healing. Hey called myself a non smoker, that is a real change.

Bring on GNR number 5 - bet Paula's scared:D:rolleyes::eek:

Doing good today - doing good most days.


MAH your signature says it all - you are doing juuuuuuuust fine.

Congrats well deserved.



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