No Smoking Day
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Weird discovery for CT'ers! (well and non ct'ers too ofcourse!!!!)

I am one of those weird ones who would rather know that i wasn't using anything to help me quit (mainly because I know the minute I don't have it I would just start again....and yes I do have pain relief at the dentists and gave birth with epidurals! not that mad! lol!!!)

I have just found out that frozen sugar snap peas and just plain raw sugar snap peas are fab.....they are about the same size as a fag so that whole my fingers need to hold something bit gets looked after. they are fiddly so you get to peel the edges off etc, taste nice and might help me not pile on too much weight?

Don't know if it helps you but it sure as hell is helping me! lol!!

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Hi Pink Minx :D

Not heard of that one before but whatever gets you through is fine

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


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