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Well hellooooooooooooooo EVERYONE

How are you all, i havnet been on line for a while as i have been very busy how is everyone doing? I am still a none smoker and i intend to stay that way i cant believe were time has gone :)

I am now on the lower dose of patchers the smoking clinic said i will be on these for a few weeks then i drop again on the lower ones.I was very worried about getting them reduced but i really cant tell the difference.

I can honstly say i dont think of the fags as much as i did but hopefullt it will come a day when i rarely think of them.

Are you all getting ready for christmas?

How is my quit buddy Dave doing?????

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Hey Kay

Wondered where you were love...great you are still with us and not long till you are in month 3...

Dave still aorund but had flu...poor baby

L xx


Hi Kay

Well done you on your 2nd month




Hi Kay

Things are sounding really good for you, great to hear your doing so well with the next drop down in patches............ you'll be fine again come a few weeks and the drop down again.

Wonderful to hear your not missing the smokes to much and are keeping busy. Best way to be at this stage I think.

Christmas is just to close for me and I'm no where near ready due to not even thinking about it let alone planning and buying for it.

Dave's on his own now .... off the champix and doing great.

Keep up with the great work Kay and soon we'll be in Month 3 too

Bye for now

Pol x


Hi Kay hun

So lovely to see you doing so well mate. Good for you be proud of yourself you have come a long way. Have a fab christmas (smoke free Lol ) xxxx


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