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Day 11!

Hi guys!

it's day eleven smoke free for me now...I haven't been on a for a little while and just wanted to tell everybody. With a lil' will power and champix(For those of us not hard enough to go CT)I am at a point where I am hardly thinking about them and when I do, I can only think negatively! I do not know whether this will change from time to time or not.

Everyone's different, but I am sure and determined to never touch one of those bastards again!

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Big Well Done, you are doing great. Lots of reading of other posts and info on the addiction to nicotine will help you stay in a good place. Wishing you great success.



Hi Aussmoker :D

Great 11 days almost a fortnight for you now well done anf it's also good thst you rarely think about them at all now


Marg xx


great news, 11 days done, sometimes I think the thought of stopping makes us believe it is harder than it actually is. Once you start on your journey it becomes a bit easier every day.


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