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Day 4 ugh

Good job hubby is off work as all I have done is sleepsleepsleep, i cant sleep and its making me more irratable on top of wanting a ive had a sleep though i feel fine!! I feel like a newborn that has its days and nights mixed up.

I amnot going to have one....i must admit it did come close earlier to hubby going to the shop as i was telling myself it was trhe wrong time to give up...then i thought well i have got to day bleeding 4!! I cant go back......strangely enough iseem like a different person this eve after a good heres to another day yippeeeeeee :D

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YAY, go you :D

I don't think it matters whether your go cold turkey, with patches (or any NRT) or Champix/Zyban...... sleep seems to hit regardless..... just catch up with it as and when............ and because there never seems to be 'a right time to quit' means that 'now is the time' ..... :p

Stick it out, the first days are the worst..... by time I got to week 4 I felt I felt pretty euphoric but also like I'd been dragged round the bloody universe a couple of times, let alone a hedge.

Check out Tips section.... there's a great post about ..... 'Own your Quit' or something along those lines.....(sorry Sue for not remembering it :o)

I'll be back in 2..... hang on

Thread title 'Enjoy the Quite - you've earned it

its a great read, so are the links in signatures................ it all helps........... forewarned forearmed and all that

You are over half a week - keep up the great work



Hi Maria :D

Glad you feel better for a good sleep now it's day 5 and almost a week smoke free

The bad sleeping is due to more oxygen in your blood and therefore getting to your brain than you're used to but it will settle again as soon as your bisy realises you're not feeding it a diet of chemicals any more

It takes a little while to catch on but when it does it will rapidly start healing itself Promise

Early in my quit I used to sleep as and when I could even a 5 minute cat nap helps


Marg xx


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