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Day 3 ugh. How long? Lol

So I'm in day 3. Every breath feels a bit tight and my subconscious is forever forgetting that I don't smoke now and I will catch myself feeling or thinking 'right I'll just nip out now and have a smoke before my next thing" .. It's very odd. Anyhow. I feel like a big anxious semi depressed on edge fat (even tho I know I'm not) mess. I feel like these desires will go on for ever and ever and that I am destined to b a smoker etc etc. so. Trying to stay up beat. My husband is quitting too so we are a right pair lol. Will someone tell me that one day all these ideas of having to, needing to smoke will leave me? Thx.

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Hello Lesley,

I too am at day 3.

What helps me is going to the Year plus thread and read all the successful quits on there. I have read that you do still briefly think of smokes but that's all it is and it is quickly a thought and not a crave.

Well done to BOTH OF YOU ! How wonderful is that ...doing it together :)

Wishing you both the very best of luck. Stick around on here, it's fabulous and a whole lot of information can be gained from the personal experiences.

It's a Rocky Road, but it's a road to freedom :)


Thank u. Xx


hey lesley g

Hi there lesley g

Lexilou is my forum name but im actually a real lesley g too!

I remember when I quit before that at first the thoughts are constant but

really do fade in time - im on day 2 and can totally empathise

Caught myself also thinking ill just nip out and have a fag then do such

and such. . Then realised im not going to. Almost feel like some other

person has inhabited my body! Im trying to train my thoughts to

hate the fags and all they do to us (instead of the lie that somehow they are friends)

I refuse to be controlled! Power to you - keep on truckin x



Hey Lesleys :p it DOES pass, as Max says. My first month was like that, the first two weeks constant, but it has to be fought through. The rewards are just........ridiculously worth it. Hang on in these early stages, keep it in the day you're in, or the hour, and post on here; it CAN be done :)

And........nice to see you Woo ;)


It's true- it really does.

Those first few days it was impossible to imagine it would ever be any better. I felt about as awful as I have ever felt in my life, both physically and mentally. In fact, I told myself I would NEVER smoke again if only because I would never again be able to face going through the withdrawal.

Nearly a month down the line I can't tell you how much better I feel- far better than I did before I quit.

Hang on in there Lesley. It WILL start to get better from here onwards. I promise. :)


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