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Day 15!! WhooHoo!

nsd_user663_5448 my astonishment..I have made it to week 3! Who would of ever thought I would really get here? Not me really but I am so glad that I did! Went to the doctors today and he was so glad to hear how well I am doing. My cholesterol is still up but said we should see a improvement on the next blood panel since my quit. So hopefully between not smoking and eating better everything will be back in normal levels.

Anyways..he told me not to rush to try and get off the lozengers. He said just keep doing what I am doing. I have already made a huge health improvement by not smoking. I have gained 5 lbs and he said normally you see a 10-15 pound gain after quitting which would still put me in the normal weight for my height so I shouldn't worry about that.

Cravings are going away more and more day by day. They get a little easier and don't last near as long. I only crave a ciggie after meals and after stressfull situations but it is more of a thought than a crave right now. I hope that continues because I can deal with that!

For all of you newbies reading this....I never thought I would be able to quit smoking. I have been smoking since I was 15 years old. I don't even remember life without smoking...but you know what?? I AM doing it and you will get through it! And it does get better!! Just keep it up and you will see!:D

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well done for making it this far mate:D

we all know you CAN do this, dont let anything get in your way mate and you will have no worrys:)

That's bleedin' marvelous! Well done!! And what's a few pounds compared to a longer life, a happier life, a healthier life? Sweet fanny Adams, that's what! So pleased for you, and you sound so positive it's just great! Makes me think I can make it to week 3 too- so thanks for that ;)

Makes me think I can make it to week 3 too- so thanks for that ;)

course u can, whats stopping CAN DO this & all of us got ur back.

good luck to you & the op

Hi Wsmith :D

Great 16th day today well done big Hug for you on it's way

Glad your Dr is pleased with how you're getting on and yes the cholesterol levels will come down now mine were very high as well but they are now normal and have been for some time also like you I smoked from age 15 and couldn't remember life without a fag but isn't it great living smoke free

I'm also pleased to hear that the craves are much less and easier to deal with keep it going Just say NO to those Demons when they come visiting OK


Marg xxx

Well Done....

Your showing amazing willpower and an inspiration to us all.

Cracking Job... Keep up the wonderful quit work.

Happy Smoke Free Times and Places. :)


Hi wsmith - well done for getting so far. You're right, it does get easier each day. There are still little blips but they become further apart and less severe. Enjoy the freedom not smoking brings.


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