Yay! New room on day 15

Okay so I have moved rooms again. I love this moving into a new area. It's such a buzz. I am trying today without a patch, only using the spray. So far so good. I also had to tighten my belt this morning as the weight continues to go. I never thought I would stop smoking and lose weight at the same time but it is happening. I am very proud of myself but at the same time I always like to keep my guard up just in case a big crave should strike. I know what mr mic is like and he will try anything to pull a person back in. Not me, not this time anyway.

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  • Well done, definetly a nicer view in your new room. Keep going and doing what your doing, obviously working well for you. Congratulations.

  • Well done on both the new room and weight loss what an achievement

  • I have a weigh in tonight but last week I had lost 1st 4lbs in 6 weeks. I am dreading tonight because I really tried this week and would like to see a very good loss but have a feeling it's not going to be much. Ah well, every little helps, as the supermarket would say.

  • Stayed the same weight wise this week. But at least I didn't gain. And I'm still not smoking so I'm (mostly) happy.

  • Great going Mark. I'm very slowly bringing my weight back in. Still too big to fit into any one of the four suits I have but at this point I refuse to buy a new one!

  • Well done....double bonus.:) do you reward yourself?? or is the reward in the being fitter and healthier you?

  • Stopping smoking and loosing weight at the same time!? You mark have some secret sauce that you need to share with us all i think!

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