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Day 15 already!


kazza kazza is online now

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Default Day 15 at last

HI folks

Never thought I'd make it to day 5 letalone 15!!!

I seem to be doing pretty fine at the moment - Don't appear tohave many major craves - well nothing I can't handle anyway. I still haven't developed a "hatred" for cigs and to be honest I don't think I ever will BUT I don't feel like I'm deprived or "missing out" on something like in previous quits. I feel now that smoking is just something "I used to do but I don't anymore" I went into Stevenage Town Centre yesterday and cos smoking is banned indoors there were more peole than ever standing in the street or sitting on a bench puffing away! The strange thing was that this didn't bother me in the slightest- no urges to smoke or even uughh! feelings. I just saw them smoking and thought 'yeah, I used to do that so what?I don't need to anymore. No big deal':cool: :cool:


karen xx

Method:Champix and trying to be a good mum!:

quit 3 Oct 2007

Onwards and Upwards!!

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Great Kazza, you are an inspiraition to me thanks for you kind comments.

All the best


Well done Kazza!

You're an insperation to ppl like me, i know it can be done! :)

Keep going girl :D Wooop!

A big Thankyou to EVERYONE for your replies.Like I say I'e never got this far b4 so somethings obviously working (and I've tried enough times !) I reckon you could be right Boudee mate, the champix does seem to suit me - I feel a whole less anxious this time like I do not feel theres anything to lose . I know what the champix does so I can concentrate on the practical stuff like changing habits,eating healthy etc and just let the champix take care of the "science bit"

like on the shampoo ads!lol

Louise and Adam. Thanks also to you both.Its not too long ago (a week actually!) thatI was posting congrats to others. Now Iv'e got a bit of time"under my belt "as it were,I can (hopefully) be a bit of encouragement to everyone else.

I lost count of the number of times I've tried to quit .What I do know is that if I can do it after 25yrs anyone can!

It is so nice to hear you feeling so positive!

This has been a struggle for you with a few other troubles thrown in along the way :(

To hear you now smoke free into week 3 and putting it all behind you gives me a big smile x x

Proud of you karen x x

~Buffy x x

It is so nice to hear you feeling so positive!

This has been a struggle for you with a few other troubles thrown in along the way :(

To hear you now smoke free into week 3 and putting it all behind you gives me a big smile x x

Proud of you karen x x

~Buffy x x

The best bit is yet to come HaHa. You'll laugh at this

Steve's been given a huge promotion at work and has been put i/c of his dept not only in the London office but als the one in SF too - so guess where he's

going tommorow (only for a week though) Hes got to go to a meeting with Warner Bros in LA. Anyway THIS TIME I AM CONFIDENT!!! I shouldn't be on my own too much cos it's 1/2 term so Emmas here to keep me company. Also I'd only been quit 5 days when he went last time and wasn't really prepared to be on my ownsome. I'm FINE about it this time - HONEST

Aw good x x glad to hear that x x

It was tough for you last time :(

Now a fun packed girlie week to look forward too!!

What a turn around x x *hugs*

Good on Steve too! all good in the hood eh!


~Buffy x x

Well done lets stick together and keep up the good work:)

Karen, you go girl!!


I love your attitude, the whole "smoking is just something I used to do but I don't anymore" is an excellent thought and a big inspiration :D

Thanks Francesca

I would say "ciao Bella " to you but from the way you say 'mom' not 'mum' I guess you are from the usa/canada? God I'm so nosey - sorry.

I know you've been quit a while now Francesca . Tell me Do You still think about cigs? I do - not in the 'I want ONE NOW' way - like its just something that I used to do like I used to die my hair purple when I was a teenager. I'm a 42yr old mum now so I leave the hair stuff to my teenage daughter!

Lol you can tell me ciao bella all you want because I'm actually a 100% Italian living in Italy, who just kinda landed here by mere accident one night I was hit by the thought of online help on the first days of my quit :D I did go and look for Italian forums but found none and since patience is hardly my friend I decided to try for English speaking ones - and yay, found this :p

As for the cravings. I don't "crave" cigarettes anymore, but I do think about smoke, somedays more some other less, really like pondering on it, reasoning about the addiction and how it was, how I would react to situations a couple months ago etc. Sometimes the mind wanders on its own and the risk is to enter a sort of trance where you think so hard about smoking you can suddenly recall everything about it and it's not unpleasant at all and it's kind of a risky trick of the mind, but I've learned to flat out block the thought before it gets dangerous.

I feel you about the coloring the hair, hehe! I'm just a few years younger than you so I too fully lived the Eighties and boy, the terrible things we did to our hair back then :eek: :D

you guys are in week 3 and still having cravings???


You are a shining star :D See you on day 20 hun!!!

you guys are in week 3 and still having cravings???

Sonshine - We have trained our bodies to NEED the cigarettes. Now we need to untrain our bodies and this takes a very long hard process. You will find that you crave for quite sometime after we quit, but thats what happens when we get ourselves addicted to something. We must fight until the end and that can take a long while. Each day gets easier and easier, but also each day is a decision NOT TO SMOKE. We must remind ourselves that we do not smoke and when that awful urge hits us we must FIGHT HARD! Quitting is not a simple procedure and thats why we are all here to help eachother get through it. You need to be strong and pull through each day even when times are hard. Every single day without a puff is a huge accomplishment! We will all be SMOKE FREE in the end! ;)

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