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Onto Day 8 but actually Day 7 proved hard

Hey guys,

I'm onto Day 8 now :) phew but Day 7 was really tricky. We have a friend staying with us at the moment until Sunday, he is a smoker but being very kind and ensures he smokes outside and not in front of me, but I really smell the smoke on his clothes.

We went out for an Indian last night, and I thought I would be fine. However I was so desperate for a ciggie at the end of the meal, and I feel that its shaken my confidence a bit because I was so in need of a ciggie. So when Dave went out and had one I could have cried .. this giving up smoking is so unbelievebly hard sometimes even on Champix. I'm now dreading all the Christmas Dinners that are coming in December :(

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Morning, just to share my quit and nights out:

Day 5 - I went to a party with friends and I ended up pacing the room with a lolly in my mouth and growling at people, not happy at all and I just wanted a ciggie, but I never.

Day 17 - we went to Manchester for a long week-end, posh hotel, booked nice restaurants, good wine blah blah - I was like the she devil, I wanted a cigarette more than anything else and frankly I was horrible to my hubby all week-end.

Day 21 onwards - Couple of meals out, couple of night in the pub were ok but still slightly craved.

Week 4 - Went to Liverpool for long week-end with hubby (again) FANTASTIC, food, wine, shopping, yes I did fancy one now and then but not craving more habit sort of thing.

Honestly I'm not bragging about my social life here, I'm just pointing out it honestly does get so much better but it does take time. I do not think I will completely come to terms with the fact I do not smoke but that's the way it is and I will have to lump it. The hardest part of the quit for me has been going out and we do tend to go out a lot, but I do not intend to stay in just because of some silly habit:)

I would recommend always having mints or chewing gum when you go out, if the craving hints shove a piece of chewing gum in your mouth and I promise the craving will pass. Hang in there you are doing really well.


Hi Michelle :D

Day 8 is great well done sorry you struggled last night though

But that is a huge trigger sucessfullt got out of the way for you

Please don't dread those Christmas Dinners and Parties you've already got the first and hardest one out of the way OK

Also by the time December gets here you'll be a bit further into your quit so that will also help to make it easier for you Promise

Enjoy your Parties smoke free and just think how much nicer the food will taste this year as well


Marg xx


Day 8! Well done!! I'm there too, feeling pretty good, still having odd pangs but I'm finding reading the Allen Carr stuff really helps. I haven't had a night out yet, so I don't know how I'll feel, but my husband is smoking all the time right next to me and that's been ok. I guess a meal out might be more of a test though- but with the hideous weather here lately I'd probably be feeling quite smug as I sat inside and he froze his backside off outside sucking on burning weeds!

I shall have to make him take me for a meal to test the theory!!


hi - You're into your second week - it should start getting easier soon. The cravings become less frequent and don't last so long, or aren't so severe. Well done for not giving in, just keep positive.



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