No Smoking Day
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Day 2 and still a bit edgy

But I dont feel as bad as I did yesterday.

I find though that its about this time of night when I could kill for a cig...LOL Thank gawd thats just a figure of speech but at the moment I really do fancy one and fine that I am mentioning it more to my husband in hope of him turning round and says 'well have one!' But I dont know if I want him to say it or not....... Sound really mixed up dont I...LOL

I think at this moment I am just missing my 'evil best friend' And will get used to the feeling of something not being quite right.

Thanks again for the support and see you on day 3 :D

Shellie xoxox

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Hi Shellie

the first week is the worse and you will have all sorts of feelings and thoughts. just get through each day as it comes. do what ever it takes just dont smoke things get better soon and you will feel so proud of yourself. see you in day three your doing great. well done to hubby also.xxxxx


Hi Shellie :D

I'm glad today has been better than yesterday for you

It's natural to feel as you do at the beginning of your quit lots of us do

Just in case your hubby does say it maybe you could tell him to ignore you as you'll regret it if you have one, just hang in there it will get easier for you soon


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi, I have been guilty of that one in the past with my husband too! Say it in the hope you will get permission to have one! It will not make anything better! Keep going, it gets easier with bumpy bits along the way xx


Oh gawd I am sat here crying my eyes out and I dont know why:confused:

Its a good job my computer is in my bedroom, My husband has already come in to see if I am ok and had a talk with me to which my 10yr old said 'Dad is mum crying and is it cause she cant have a cigarette......Oh I just feel great!

My husband stopped smoking 8yrs ago with Zyban and never looed back.... I tried The same drug 2 yrs after him with terrible results.....I just cried, And because I cried tonight I hope its not the same thing :s

Anyway tomorrow is another day........Goodnight Shellie xoxoxo


Hi Shellie :)

I'm sorry you're having a bad time tonight this is normal for lot's of us quitters

Remember you've stopped feeding your body a diet of chemicals and it takes time to get it out of your system just hang in there




Hi Shellie and well done for coming so far. Even though you already know this and will not really want anyone to tell you in your fragile state, your hubby would probably love you to start smoking again just so the atmosphere in your house improves. That is when your brain tells you it will be ok to smoke because there is a "valid" reason. Stick to your guns and keep reading this forum, there are people here with a lot more experience than me. If you want to stop smoking you need good support...use it..


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