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11 Weeks....and feeling good!!!


Hi all

Am a bit late today - been busy in work and <gasp> <shock> am in a good mood and cigs have not really been on my mind. In fact have been in a good stable content (ish) mood since last Weds. Still not what I'd consider 100% but pretty damn close.

I don't know if this means I'm over some 3 month obstacle or what - and I'm not letting my guard down at all - and I'm sure there are difficult times ahead. But at the moment everything I've been through really feels worth it!

So to all those who've been having a few problems of late - I hope you're feeling better. And if you're not now - you will! I can vouch for this.

Lastly - a BIG THANK YOU to all those who said "it gets better" - coz as of today it has!

So for any newbies who may be reading this (or others) - STICK WITH IT!!!

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Hi Atomicguy :D

Great 11 weeks done and dusted and really pleased to hear you're feeling good today

Remember how you feel today just in case you hit a hard day and it will help you through it

Also it will continue to get better yet the further you go down the road to freedom


Marg xx

I reach 11 weeks on Wednesday, so I look forward to seeing you in "happy land".

Cheers guys.

Marg - again - thanks so much for your comments.

Bev - hope you're feeling better also (dare I say you sound it).

Congratulations! I think you should treat yourself to a nice bottle of Stella:cool:

I have been treating myself to a little tipple every now and then, is there a No Getting Ratarsed Day Stop Drinking Forum;)

I can relate to your plight. I was a 30 year smoker who had to quit cold turkey because of a hospital stay. This method is not to be recommended but is very effective. Congratulations on the sucessful quit.

State - cheers mate (literally!!) Yeah had a little alcoholic treat last night.

Stump - yes - due to my injury the doc said "if you smoke your shoulder may not heal and crumble away". Bit of a kick up the a*se really. But looking back there is NO WAY I could have done this without my injury and I've got the utmost respect for others on this board who are doing it CT, or any other method, out of choice.

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