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Monday Morning Day 11 and feeling good


Cant quite believe I have managed to get this far and its been relatively quick. Must be the Champix as I was a hardened smoker, couldn't even speak until I had 2 cigs in the morning...But the mornings are probably the easiest and I feel so much better having some food. ;)

Anyway off to work for me, wont post again until this eveing but I will be able to read how everyone is getting on.

...Jane, hope you had a fab weekend and you are still with me......:D Look forward to hearing from you later.

Happy Monday everyone

Lorna xx

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Hi Lorna :D

Day 11 well done you that's great keep going



Hi Lorna well done, The person who invented Champix deserves a Nobel prize for saving so many lives and of course we all deserve a big pat on the back for doing it.

Hi Lorna,

Well done on your day 11.

I also thought that the cigs in the morning would be hard but actually it is quite easy.

Keep going strong!


Sorry for the late reply my love. Wow day 11, that has gone so fast!! Day 12 tomorrow get you Missy Day 12 to be!!:D

You are doing fantastic my love.

Good going Lorna! :D

I'm another one who's surprised how little I actually miss my morning fags - I thought that'd be the hardest time. The first couple of days I just sort of sat there wondering what to do instead - but I soon got used to it, and now I have time for more coffee too!

Now day 12....

I think this is becoming my morning fix now....:eek:

Hope everyone is well and smoke free this morning...

Going for my breakfast now (that whole new expereience) and my little blue pill....

Happy Tuesday.....L

Well done Lorna!!

Day 12, what an achievement! I thought I'd miss my morning fags the most (always had to get up an hour before I needed to just for the 3 cuppas and 3 fags!) but I don't!

Keep it up!

JJ xxx

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