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Day 3 here I come

Well I am chuffed i'm onto Day 3, and its been ok so far, still feeling very sick with the Champix. I'm wondering if I should lower the dose in the morning, as thats the one thats killing me, I always have a big breakfast before taking the tablet, but the sickness is back within half an hour and lasts about 2-3 hours.... I'm not sure, if I shoudl lower the dose yet , but I feel confident still, and I am at home alone right now so if I wanted to I could nip out and get some ciggies, but I really don't want any :p

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Hi wildcats

Well done on reaching day three. You've no doubt read that some people here have a hard Day 3, week 3, month 3 etc, but I sailed thorugh it with no problems and sounds like you're in the right frame of mind to continue with this quit right through.

Sorry about the sickness. I had it too when I was on the full dose. The morning one was the killer for me too. I stayed onthe full dose for about three weeks before cutting down. I thought I'd rather put up with the sicky feeling than risk the quit until I was sure I could handle it.

If you need to cut down, why not just have half a tab in the morning and your full on in the evening? If you feel it's not giving you the same support you need, you can always go back on the full dose. Just don't risk the quit. Better to be feel sick for few hours a day for a few weeks than risk years and years of smoking.

Good luck



Hi Michelle :D

Day 3 that's great just hang in there sorry you still feel sick with the morning champix that's the one i got that with I solved it by taking mid morning


Marg xx


Thanks guys, yes I am not sure where this frame of mind came from because I have never really quit for so long. I have normally cheated on the side, but I can only put it down to Champix and this place. I really don't want to let you guys down or actually myself..

I want some Ugg Boots with my first months quit money and that what I am looking forward to buying as a pressie:)


Hi Michelle

It's always good to treat yourself I've had loads this past year [almost]


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