No Smoking Day
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Day 5 done, Day 6 here I come!

Well Day 5 wasn't as bad as day 4 thankfully and my patch stayed on all day :eek:

I went to my weekly checkup at my local stop smoking clinic and I'm armed with more patches for my next weekly challenge ( as well as some sticky tape to make sure the bloody things stay on lol)

My bro in law and his ciggies have come to stay with us tonight and I haven't been tempted so I'm well pleased with myself :)

Well hope your all doing well, going to feed my beautiful baby boy then it's nite nite time for us! Shopping tomorrow, I think I deserve a treat :D

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Haha Mrs Mash I was looking for you yesterday cos we are on the same quit day but I had gone to bed before you posted. Glad you had a better day and hope the patch stayed on lol!! Remember if you smoke you're fries :D:D (only kidding). Well done for coping with bro in law Mash and his ciggies, tell him if he smokes in front of you he is fries also :D (not kidding). I went to the place where I used to work yesterday and one of my ex-colleagues who quit for 4 months was smoking again and had to keep nipping of for a fag. I felt a bit sorry for her really, just think, we don't have to do that anymore!! A good feeling when you think about it.

So here's to a good Day 6 for us, not long till a week woot woot!! Mind you, my morning crave is still a bit bothersome at the mo, so time for another rummage in the fridge lol any excuse :p

Have a great day,

Zoe xx


Hey Zoe!! Aww I feel like fries today!! Nah just kidding although I am struggling a bit today! How are u doing? I think it's cause I'm in a mood today but i just keep telling myself I'd be in a worse one if I gave in!!!

I know what you mean about your colleague, it's scary to think people give in after so long! I did myself after having stopped for a year and a half and then after stopping during my pregnancy but at least I'm here trying again! As most people say it can take a number of quits before we finally beat the demon once and for all! This is our time now :D

I just need to get out of this mood and I'll be in fighting form again!

Mrs Mash xxx


Well Mrs Mash you know I know all about the moods lol :rolleyes: Good for you for stopping for a year and a half before, shows you can do it :D I reckon I am just exhausted from trying to stop too many times too close together I dunno, but I have been contented not smoking before, for a short time, so I want that back again.

Anyways, a week for you tomorrow night and for me at 2am Monday morning woot woot :D

We will get there :D xx


We sure will :D


Well get you, Mrs Mash, cruising towards the end of your first week!

It can be done, it really can. Just focus on one day at a time, and soon they'll be ticking by and you won't even notice.

Hope you treated yourself to something nice, it's well deserved.

Helen x


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