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Month 2 for me 2

Hey all ... im off the fags a full whole lovely month, its actually 32 days at midnight but i like to be doubly sure ... friday the 13th was never a happier occassion!!!!

Im so proud of me i never thought i could do it ive proven to myself that i do actually have will power and i am deservant of better health.

I wana thank all you lovely lovely peeps on this forum, our Octoquitters who have been fabulous! and others who take the time to encourage others who are having bad days or struggling on here its so sweet and i think better than any other kinda help out there, Although im a champix girl and i cant sing it highly enough and the raunchy dreams werent all that bad either lol

Not outta the woods yet but firmly believe that if we can do a month we can damn well do anything and to go back now would be ludicrous and besides id miss all you lovely funny kind people.

So congrats to all us in month two, all the sexy octoquitters especially ... to the other half of our group who are waiting (im)patiently to get here we shall keep the stools warm and the drinks flowing in anticipation of your arrival.

Corinne and Christine so so so sooo proud of you both you lovely ladies and thanks for keeping me right and encouraging me!!!!

Lots of love to all (btw im currently sober :P)


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welcome to month 2 Elaine.

Congratulations you are amazing.

Its after 9am....Champagne??



(btw im currently sober :P)

This has to change! :p

*pop* ooo look, there goes the cork on another bottle of champagne! Give us your glass Elaine! (confession time - it's actually cava, we shouldn't be spending all this money we're saving on the REALLY expensive stuff when the cheap version tastes just the same!)


hey long as its fizzy i dont give a monkeys .....

Thanks you guys now lets get a lil steamin lol


Well done Elaine. And welcome. It's a fun place here in Month 2. You sound so positive and good about yourself - and so you should be. I'm a Champix girl too - it's been brilliant for me, despite as you say the weird dreams and nausea - but they were worth it.

Welcome and let's pop another cava!



fantastic that you made it elaine

im feeling loving for the Octo's xxxxxxxxxxxxloll


Congratulations!!! :D


Hi Elaine :D

Well done you getting to your 2nd smoke free month is great




Yeah!!!!! Fantastic feeling to get to that month, bring on month 2!! Well done honey.


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