Six Months today for me!!!!!!


Today I have reached the SIX month milestone!!!!!!!!!

When i first started this quit i was really doubtful if i could even reach 6 days, or 6 weeks never mind 6 months.

I know this is a cliche but i believe it is true, if i can do this anyone can so to any new quitters reading this, stick with it, it gets easier and easier with time and YOU can do this.

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  • Well done mate,

    6 months is something for all us "recent" quitters to aspire to.

  • Congrats john ........You did it.....Know more than you want to know about smoking now......:D

  • Congrats John 6 months smoke free. Half way penthouse for you well done. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well Done John - Ur doing well, 6 months is an amazing achievment!!

  • Well done sir, keep it going!

    Half a year is awesome.

  • well done!!!! 6 months is brill :D

    its been a pleasure quitting with you ;)

  • Well done John

    Six months is a special milestone, congratulations.

  • Congrats John-Boy!!

    I knew you would do it, even if you didn't know it yourself!

  • yey

    well done john :D

  • Very well done TKDJohn.

    Do you know how much you money you have saved?

    Or how many cigs you have not smoked?

  • Thanks for your messages of support.

    Hopeless my stats are

    John -NICOTINE FREE for Six Months, 22 Hours and 37 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 15 Days and 21 Hours, by not smoking 4574 cigarettes that would have cost me £1,203.58.

  • Well done John, you have done great, :)

  • hey johnny

    sorry i missed ur big day massive congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh no!!!!

    Another milestone I've missed....:(

    Belated well done to you John.

    How can I make it up to you for missing your big day?

    Here, have some innuendo....

  • Well done John 6 months is a great achievment. :)

  • Sorry I missed your anniversary, and can't give you the clap as I am at work, but Congratulations anyways! :)

    Bloody well done, eh?????


  • Well done John, and Barbara you've just got well and now your offering to give John the clap shame on you!! :eek:

  • Hi Barb

    Pleased you feeling better and back at work. xxx

  • congratulations John...

    sorry missed "the day" but - better late than never...:p


  • Well done John, keep it up. Stay strong.


  • Seriously well done you fat bastard!! ;)

  • It doesn't seem like five minutes since you were the new kid on the block and now you're one of the elder statesmen.

    Sorry I missed your due date - I've got it committed to memory (for what that's worth) now.

    Well done you:)

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